Assassin’s Creed Origins Errors and Performance Fixes Guide

Many PC players are encountering Assassin's Creed Origins errors, crashes, and other issues that are ruining their experience.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has launched for PC and consoles with stellar reviews. However, many PC players are encountering Assassin’s Creed Origins errors, crashes, and other issues that are ruining their experience.

Despite being the one to reinvent the franchise, Assassin’s Creed Origins has some issues and Ubisoft is actively trying to solve them. Until these issues are completed resolved with an official patch, here are some workarounds that should help you.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Errors and Performance Fixes

Stuttering/Bad Performance
This is another of the Assassin’s Creed Origins errors that players have been experiencing, however, this issue is not widespread.

The solution to this is simple, update your graphics card drivers or at least install Assassin’s Creed Origins “Game-Ready” drivers for your GPU as they bring game-specific optimizations and should resolve the stuttering.

Another, reason for the stuttering might be your HDD as there is a chance that a program in the background might be using it too much which in some cases can cause game stuttering. Open up your task manager, and close unnecessary programs and the issue should resolve.

Try putting the game in a borderless windowed mode and turning off antialiasing.

Game Not Starting
This issue is occurring for a lot of PC users. If you have updated drivers and are using RiveTuner then all you have to do is Disable “Riva statistics server” and the game should start running.

Your game may be stuck on the splash screen which can be fixed by moving the game to the Windows directory. This is a pretty common and annoying issue in Ubisoft games.

No Sound/Sound Issues
Some PC users have noted that there is no sound in-game which is obviously very annoying. The issue is majorly popping up for those who are using dedicated sound cards and the solution to it is simple.

Go to Playback Devices by right-clicking on the sound icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop.

A list of sound devices will be displayed here, all you have to do is disable all other sound devices except for the one that you want to use and the issue should resolve and this solution might also work for those who are using integrated sound cards.

Another issue that players are noting is that they can’t hear the dialogues of the crowd. The solution to this changes your sound setup from Headphones to Speakers and the issue should resolve. This issue is generally occurring for those who are using 5.1 and 7.1 channel headphones.

Unpacking Taking Too Long
This another one of Assassin’s Creed Origins errors that PC users are experiencing. According to users, the unpacking is taking too long. The issue could be because of a background program that might be taking too much of your PC resources and slowing down the unpacking.

Just kill any unnecessary background programs and the issue should resolve.

Also, make sure who have at least 20 GB more space on the drive than the game’s total download size, because while unpacking the game requires more HDD Space and one the unpacking is done the game will only take as much space as shown in system requirements.

Game Not Launching/Crashing On AMD Phenom CPUs
Some users have been experiencing this issue that their game is not launching at all and one thing is common that these users are using AMD Phenom CPUs.

Actually, the problem might be the CPU itself as these are quite old CPUs and latest games don’t support them as they launch a certain instruction set “SSE4.1 or SSE4.2” that is required in a CPU to play the game and Phenom CPUs don’t support these instruction set.

So, the solution might be to upgrade your CPU or wait for Ubisoft to drop a patch to resolve the issue.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Crashing
This issue has been occurring for some PC users while trying to start a new game or in some cases just crashes at startup. The issue might be resolved through updating your GPU drivers to the latest version and do a clean install of your GPU drivers.

Static/Buzzing Sound
This is another one of Assassin’s Creed Origins errors that PC users have been encountering. The reason why this static sound might be happening is due to your System’s audio format. You can solve this issue manually or by just using your Windows troubleshooter.

Lets with the troubleshooter. Right-click on the Volume symbol in the system tray and select “Troubleshoot Sound problems”. Your default sound device which you are using will be highlighted. Click “Next” and select ” Do not open Audio Enhancements”. Just agree with what your OS wants to adjust and Windows will itself select the proper audio format and the issue will resolve.

However, there is a chance that even with the troubleshooter the proper audio format is not selected and you will have to do it manually.

Just to playback devices by right clicking the audio icon in the bottom right corner, select the audio device that is enabled, for most it will be “Speakers”, and open properties. Select “Advanced” and set the audio quality to 24-bit 96000Hz (Studio Quality) which should resolve the issue.

Bad Performance on my AMD FX CPU
Head to your BIOS settings and disable the Cool and Quiet feature, and go to your control panel and change the Power Plan to High Perfromance. This may overheat your CPU a little, so make sure you take the necessary precautions before opting for this.

Low FPS on my SLI Setup
Disable your SLI at the system level and make sure the card for PhysX is the same card that is rendering the game. Simply use GPU #1 for PhysX instead of the CPU or your second GPU.

Try turning off Discord, UPlay and Steam overlay too for additional frames boost.

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