Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Chests Locations Guide

In this guide, we will cover Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Chests Locations that will reward you with a piece of armor or weapon.

Legendary Chests contain all the items of the Legendary Pilgrim Set with a Legendary Bow and a weapon. This set is the ideal Armor Set for players aiming for a stealth approach in the game.

Agamemnon’s Set Gauntlets, many weapons, and a couple of ship customizations can be found in these AC: Odyssey Legendary Chests.

There is a total of 17 Legendary Chests in Greece that are scattered around in the game. There will be a total of 12 Legendary Chests you can find on the mainland and 5 on the islands.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Chests

Legendary Chests contain one piece of either Legendary Armor or a Legendary Weapon. You will absolutely need to loot all the chests to complete your Legendary Pilgrim’s Armor Set which is essential for more stealth-oriented players.

Legendary Chests are displayed in the map with a blue sign and are of a golden color with 2 lions on both sides as well as 2 lions howling on the top.


You will not need to do any quest to access the Legendary Chest. These chests are spread out in the map so you have to be careful before entering the high-level areas.

5 out of 17 chests are on the islands for which you will need to travel on a ship. Be careful about pirates and enemy ships in the Aegean Sea.

If you plan to swim your way to the islands, you have to be aware of a lot of predators which can patiently one shot you if you are at low levels.

Legendary Chest #1 – Hound of Hades
This is one of the two ship customizations you can find in the Legendary Chests. You will be able to paint your sails in a shade of white with 300 hounds displaying on it in blue color. Personally, it is one of the best sails if you are into pirating stuff.

You can find this chest in the region of Lakonia, go to eastern of the two fingers of the Spartan Peninsula. Go to the tip of the finger where you will find a point of interest near the coastline. The chest is underwater near the coastline.

Legendary Chest #2 – Pilgrim’s Garment
Pilgrim’s Garment is a chest piece of Pilgrim’s Armor Set and can be found in the City of Sparta. You will have to go to the Temple of Athena in the northwestern part of the city. Proceed to the base of the temple to find the chest.

Legendary Chest #3 – Hades’ Bident
Hades’ Bident is a weapon that can be found at the top of Mount Ithome Fort in the Messenia region southwest of the City of Sparta.

You will have to go to the top of the fort than into its northeastern side, there you will find a stone house. The chest can be found in one of the side rooms.

Legendary Chest #4 – Eros’s Bow
Eros’s Bow is located near the Temple of Zeus sync point in Messenia region Just a bit north of Hades’ Bident. This Legendary Chest is located inside the Andania Mines.

There are two entrances to the mine take the left one for the chest. Go down the mine take the first right path.

You will have to keep going down the mine until you reach a chamber where you will find the chest on the southwestern part of the cave.

Legendary Chest #5 – Herakles’s Mace
Herakles’s Mace can be found in the region of Arkadia. Go to the Temple of Demeter west of Athena Polias viewpoint. You will find the chest inside the temple in the open area.

This weapon increases the bow damage and will be a great choice for those who are playing as a Hunter.

Legendary Chest #6 – Pilgrim’s Gloves
Pilgrim’s Gloves is found inside the Akropolis of Argos. Akropolis of Argos is located in the City of Argos in the Argolis region. Once you reach the Akropolis, go up the stairs and then take right to find the chest.

Legendary Chest #7 – Hammer of Jason
Hammer of Jason is a mace that is found inside Palace of Agamemnon. Palace of Agamemnon can be found a bit south of the City of Korinthia.

When you reach the place, go to the top where you will find holes to jump inside the palace where the chest is located on the ground floor.

Legendary Chest #8 – Agamemnon’s Gauntlet
Agamemnon’s Gauntlet is found inside Lavrio Silver Mine in southern Attika Region just a bit south of the City of Athens.

You will have to keep going straight in the mine until you meet an end; there will some wooden stairs and scaffolding. You will find the chest at the top of the structure.

Legendary Chest #9 – Pilgrim’s Hood
For Pilgrim’s Hood, you will have to go Eleusis Telesterion a bit north of the City of Athens. Go inside the big temple in the area. You will find the chest inside the chamber with two statues outside its door.

The item level is dependent on the level of the player when he/she picks the item – the higher the level of your character, the higher the level of the item.

Legendary Chest #10 – Pilgrim’s Belt
Pilgrim’s Belt is located in the Temple of the Golden-bowed Goddess. You will have to go to the region of Malis to find the Temple. The chest is guarded by many Huntresses you will have to clear them first and then you can open the chest.

Legendary Chest #11 – Minotaur’s Revenge
Minotaur’s Revenge is one of the two legendary ship customization found in Legendary Chests. Minotaur’s Revenge is a bit tricky to find and may consume a lot of your time.

It is located in the Makedonia Region of the game. There is a river going on the west of the middle tentacle. Go upstream a bit and you will find an underwater cavern on the western side of the river.

Climb down the cave and go straight. Take the first left and you will find a small pool. The chest is located inside the small pool.

Legendary Chest #12 – Achilles’s Spear
To find the chest go to the Olynthos Fortress in the northern Makedonia region. The fortress is heavily guarded with high-level guards.

Go to the northern side of the fort and jump towards the side. When you jump, you will find the chest inside. It can be found in one of the houses nearby.

Legendary Chest #13 – Herakles’s Bow
This bow is found inside the Koinyra Fortress on the Island of Thasos. This fortress is heavily guarded with high-level guards.

Go to the nearby hill, there is a rope you can use to reach the guard tower in the center of the fortress. Find the gap in the roof to jump inside and you will find the chest in this room.

Legendary Chest #14 – Poseidon’s Trident
This weapon can be found on an unnamed island between the Island of Chios and Island Samos. The item is located inside the Temple of Poseidon on the island.

This item lets you breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time. One of the go-to items to explore the underwater universe in the game.

Legendary Chest #15 – Xiphos of Peleus
Xiphos of Peleus is a Legendary Sword that is located on the Island of Kos in the Aegean Sea.

Go to the Artemisia Fort on the island and you will find the chest on the northern part of the fort in a broken building. It is easily visible and can be scanned with Ikaros.

Legendary Chest #16 – Falx of Olympos
This chest is found in an underwater location. You can find it inside the Palace of Amphitrite (underwater) if you look for the point of interest towards the northwest of the Island of Thera.

The chest is located at the bottom of the temple. One of the most interesting weapons for the Assassin path. The item increases your damage by 100% but it caps the health of your character by 25%.

Legendary Chest #17 – Pilgrim’s Boot
The chest is located on the Island of Messara in the Temple of Britomartis on the western side of isles. The temple is located in first of the two western fingers of the isles.

The chest is found on the northern side of the Temple. Pilgrim’s Boot increases your movement speed by 16%.