Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide – How to Defeat, Enemy Types

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide will help you learn all about different types of enemies in the game, their attacks, and how to defeat them.

In this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide, we will cover everything you need to know about enemies in the game. We will cover everything from defeating them to their style, and countering them efficiently.

Everyone has their weakness and as an Assassin, you will need to exploit these weaknesses to get the job done. You will find many types of enemies when you travel around Ancient Greece and this AC: Odyssey Guide will cover all of them.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies

There are 26 types of enemies in the game. For your convenience, we have divided them into 6 categories. Each enemy type has a unique style which is represented in the game.

It is important to know what you are going against in order to be more successful when it comes to the game’s combat.


Bandits’ faction is one of the poorly trained factions in the game but they make this up with their huge numbers.

They have tendency to use poisons and stealth attacks that may surprise you at times. However, they still belong to one of the easiest factions to fight.

They are like simple fighters who carry a sword and a chain mail. They are quite mobile during the fight but due to low HP, they usually pose no threat to you. Thugs can easily be taken down from range.

Archers will only Fire Arrows at you from a close range. They can fire Poisonous Arrow as well that can take you to low HP if you are not careful.

You can track them through the green glow in the Poisonous Arrows they fire. They can be sometime accompany by guard dogs. They can be easily killed if you go near them, as they do not have a Melee Weapon to fight and having low health.

The fastest and the smartest enemies in the Bandits’ faction. They are duel-wielded and can run very fast, their attacks can be hard to block if you are at low HP.

You will have to knock them down or die from their Poisonous Blades. You can easily kill them while they are down.

These are the toughest enemies of the Bandits’ faction. Brute are the muscle and can be hard to take down in melee if you do not play smart.

They are equipped with a Blunt Weapon and tend to mix up normal and heavy attacks that have a potential to inflict high amount of damage if not careful.

They are quite powerful and one of the major weakness they have is lack of range defense. They can be taken down rather easily from range as compared to melee.

Enforcer are very powerful enemies and wield two Blunt Weapons. They focus on heavy attacks that makes them quite hard to ignore as well as making them vulnerable.

They are not easy to kill due to their high health but with smart movements and some sneaky maneuvers, you can easily make them ineffective.

The use of heavy attacks also makes them very slow which can be abused a lot. Dodging them and knocking them down can potentially give you a lot of time to throw some heavy attacks.

Athenian Army

Athenian bolstered a great naval force at the time but they also had one of the most capable defenders at the time as well. With the defeat of the Persians, Athenian’s became the leaders of the Greek world as a formidable force.

Athenians were the masters of defensive warfare; with the arrival of legendary Phalanx formation, it was a force to reckon with.

Athenians are master defenders and are very good at dodging the attacking so you will have to focus a lot when fighting them.

These are recruit-level infantry soldiers of the Athenian army. They are equipped with a shield in one hand which can get quite annoying.

You can stagger them with a dodge and kill them fast due to them having low HP. They are not the smartest of bunch so killing them would be easy.

A more professional version of the basic Archer; they tend to fire volley of arrows in a horizontal direction.

You can run toward them while dodging the incoming attacks and kill them in melee range due to their low HP. They can also be one shot from the range with a headshot.

These are more professional Brutes who have a Blunt Axe in one hand and shield in the other. They enjoy a higher HP pool.

You cannot block their first heavy attack so you will have dodge it. You can dodge/parry the second to either break the shield or make the fight easier.

Ekdromos are well equip soldiers of the Athenian Army and well trained in the tactical warfare. They will move around a lot dodging and parrying your attacks.

These soldiers also have a habit of running away, replenishing HP, and coming back to fight you again which can be very annoying at times. Staggering them is the best way to defeat them.

These are the leaders of the Athenian Army. They come equipped with a large spear and a large shield; they also have a head protection for arrow defense.

They are very tough to take down and require Tier 2 Shield Breaker ability to break their shields. If you do not have it, you dodge-roll to slow the time for a bit, attack, and repeat this process.

These are very professional archers who are also quite mobile and can fight at the melee range. They can also parry your attacks at melee range, making them quite hard to fight as compared to other archers.

Staggering them and knocking them down is the best way to kill them. They are very fast but can be taken down from the range as well.

Spartan Army

Sparta had the most formidable army in the Greek world that contributed a lot to their victories against the Athenians in the Peloponnesian War. Spartans are very aggressive in battle and tend to go on the face of the enemy.

Spartan Army is trained to be mobile that can work against them as dodging and staging becomes easier. They are also prone to range attacks due to lack of shielded army.

A recruit-level Spartan Infantry equipped with a long spear. Phalangite are quite aggressive, jumping around to make you uncomfortable. They are very easy to take down from the range, as they do not have any ranged defense.

Spartan Hypapist are way harder than the Athenian ones due to most of their attacks being unblockable. They can also do a leap attack that does AOE damage and cannot be dodged.

Hypapist have many abilities that do AOE damage so you have to be careful. You can do range damage against them but due to large HP pool, it does not do much. You can, however, abuse the fact that they are fairly slow.

They use the same abilities as their Athenian counterparts but are equipped with swords in both hands and employ some aggressive approach of the Spartan Army.

They mix up the block-able and unlockable attacks so parrying them is not always ideal. If they get enraged, you will not be able to stagger them but you should be able to knock them down.

Usage of ranged weapon is ideal. Alternatively, if you can pull off a fast knock down and keep them pinned, it will make them easier to kill.

Hoplites are a more defensive of brutes in the Spartan ranks that use a shield in one hand and can become enraged which makes it unable to break their shield.

An early shield break can make this enemy very easy to fight. Be careful about their attacks as they do insane damage.

Strategos are elite officers of the Spartan army. They have a large HP pool; carry a large Hilbert, and a large shield. You have to be very careful when fighting them as they do large amount of damage and can potentially kill you in a combo.

Breaking the shield requires Tier 2 Shield Breaker and without that, you will need to be adaptable when fighting against them using every bit of opportunity to deal damage.

Daughters of Artemis

Daughters of Artemis are hunters who are living in the jungles of Ancient Greece. They are only female members in this faction and they are hard to find. You can check out our Daughters of Artemis Guide for more help.

These are Light Archers who also have a sword in case of a melee combat. They can light the arrows ablaze so if you are hit by them, you will need to roll around to putt out the fire.

You can go to melee range and kill them easily as they have a low HP pool. You may find a companion with them sometimes.

These are some very good fighters of the faction. These fighters can fight at both melee and range; they have a tendency to fire a volley of arrows that can set you ablaze very fast.

When in melee they have duel-wield daggers that are used for some fierce attacks. You will have to knock them down to kill them. Staggering them will help but due to their speed, it will be ideal to knock them down and then kill them.

Beast Master
These are the brutes of this faction and are equipped with a Blunt Weapon. They are also accompanied by pet animals. They can use Defensive Bombs to distract you. You will have to kill them first to avoid them getting enraged.

You will have to kill the Beast Master first and then the pet. You can also kill the Beast Master from range, without getting into combat with the pet.

Followers of Ares

Followers of Ares are followers of the Ares and can be found in isolated areas in Ancient Greece. Their heads are covered with white powder as an act of devotion. This faction’s members are quite aggressive and tend to be in your face.

A basic priest level enemy who is equipped with a sword and a very light cloth armor. These are quite easy to take down due to low health – just a few hits or a headshot can kill them.

A brute in the ranks of Followers of Ares, they are equipped with a Heavy Axe and a Light Armor. Brute tend to focus many AOE attacks that can be easier to dodge.

You can easily parry the attacks or roll around and find the opportunity to knock them down.

Elders are the leaders of the Followers of Ares and have a large pool of health. They are equipped with a spear and will counter-attack anytime you hit them.

You can parry and do some good damage with a heavy attack. One of the best way to kill them is to knock them down.

Cult Guardians

Cult Guardians are one of the very high skilled enemies you will face in Ancient Greece. They are the most professional in the game.

You will find fighting them very hard as they have a strong defense and attack. You will be able to get the hang of them as you fight them more in the campaign.

Guardians are equipped with a sword and a large shield. They also have a fully covered headgear that makes range attacks ineffective against them.

You will need Tier 2 Shield Breaker to break their shield. If you manage to break their shield, it will become more manageable. It will be a slow fight against them if you do not have a Tier 2 Shield Breaker as you will have to parry and counter-attack.

Vanguard are equipped with a Heavy Hilbert and a large shield. They also have a large pool of health that can become a problem. They use the heavy attack as the primary source of damage which cannot be parried and can only be dodged by rolling.

You will have to use Poisonous Attacks against them to wear them down. Range attacks will be in effective as they have a headgear to avoid any incoming arrows.

One of the toughest and fastest enemies you will have face in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They are equipped with a Heavy Hilbert and use a wide variety of attacks.

There are very few openings that you can find against them. You will have to perfectly time your dodge and parry to be able to land in a few hits. As is with the whole faction, ranged attacks will be ineffective against them.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about defeating all Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!