Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Uprising, Public Opinion, Battle of Amphipolis

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing quests in this story chapter.

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the main missions associated with the game’s eighth chapter including Uprising, Public Opinion, and Battle of Amphipolis. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do: important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 8 Walkthrough

You will wake up from jail; try to win Deimos over to your side. You must also plan to tarnish Kleon’s fate and make him meet his ultimate demise in this chapter. Apparently, the game is reaching the end.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.


You must rise from your slumber to a post-war state and find yourself in a jail. Deimos will interrogate you and Kleon will try to kill you. You must escape the cell and find your friends to make Kleon pay for his actions.

You are now in jail. You must convince Deimos of the cult’s wrongdoings. After that, you must break out of jail and go after Kleon.

Conversation with Deimos
After waking up, you are now in a prison cell of Athens and are now serving time. Deimos will come to you and ask several questions.

Do note that if you want the family-friendly ending, you must have saved Nikolaos in the past and said ‘Hold On!’ when a tree fell onto Deimos previously.

You must now choose the following options to win Deimos over: “It was the prophecy” and “You and I both know who feeds the Pythia her words”.

Deimos will acknowledge your words and is ready to listen for more. Next, you must choose ‘Our mother searched for you’, ‘She thought you were dead’.

If you manage to make Deimos realize that the cult is controlling him, as Kleon approaches and tries to give Deimos, Deimos will start with ‘I am not your puppet’.

Defend against Kleon’s Soldiers
Kleon will approach your cell and say that he was the one who killed Perikles. He will try to tell you that he is a cultist and finally send two guards to kill you. These guards will be unarmed and you have to defeat them in unarmed combat.

After defeating these men, a cinematic will play where Sokrates (such a nice guy he was) and Barnabas will come rushing in to help you escape. They will give you your gear back and tell you to meet them at Perikles’ house for a meeting.

The Resistance

You must now head to Perikles’ house and prepare for Kleon’s utter demise. First, you must strip him of his public opinion.

You must now head to Perikles’ house. Follow the marker, equip your equipment and reach his residence.

You will meet Sokrates at the door. He will take you to a room with Barnabas, Hippokrates, Alkibiades, and Herodotos devising a plan to take down Kleon.

Apparently, they must strip Kleon of his fame before he meets his demise. After a brief conversation, the quest is now complete.

Public Opinion

You must tarnish Kleon’s fame by slowly killing people’s opinion of him in front of them. You must plan a play for this purpose. You must get Thespis back to Aristophanes for a play that will tarnish Kleon’s fame.

Conversation with Aristophanes
You must talk to Aristophanes while in Perikles’ house. He wants to portray Kleon bad in a play but his leading man is missing. You must find the missing guy ‘Thespis’ and bring him back.

Head for Thespis’ House
Follow the marker and head for Thespis’ house. You can use Ikaros when you reach the location to find his house. Once inside, you catch a guard and question him with your spear.

Apparently, the guard’s job was to destroy the plan’s manuscript while Thespis is out drinking with the guard’s comrades. You can either kill this guy ‘Bulis’ or hire him for your ship.

Meet Thespis
You must now head for the Taverns where all men drink. You will find Thespis drunk outside the tavern courtyard. An Athenian soldier will ask you to leave and those are Commander Rhexenor’s orders. Tell them to get out of here and they will back off.

Carry Thespis
You must now carry Thespis to his home and drop him on the floor inside his front door. You will be able to talk to him next.

Thespis will not perform unless you get his love: Aikaterine, at the House of Aphrodite, to him. You will meet soldiers outside Thespis’ house. You must now kill them in order to complete this mission.

A-Musing Tale

You must help Thespis’ muse and kill the commander threatening both Thespis and his muse. Afterward, you must get Thespis to the play to thwart Kleon’s fame.

Meet Aikaterine
You must meet Aikaterine now. She is outside the House of Aphrodite, under a pergola. She will hit on you the moment you try to talk to her.

Apparently, she cannot leave until Commander Rhexenor is dead. Our next objective is to find and kill the commander and fetch his sword to her.

Kill Rhexenor the Hand
A cultist ‘Rhexenor the Hand’ is revealed in the cultist list. You must now find and kill him. He will be right next door across the street. The area will be fortified so be sure to assassinate the soldiers before approaching this cultist. He is strong.

Report to Aikaterine
Head back to Aikaterine after killing and looting the cultist and give her the sword. You can either romance her or leave that part.

You must now report your work to Aristophanes who greets you and ask about your progress. The play will proceed the next day and apparently, Kleon is agitated with it. He walks out of the play with his head down.

Unearthing the Truth

The other mission you must do to strip Kleon of his fame is to find dirt on Kleon and give it to Sokrates so he can show that to the public.

Talk to Sokrates
Head for Perikles’ house again and talk to Sokrates inside. Sokrates has found some information that Kleon is hiding something at the Akropolis Sanctuary. You must find it.

Find the Dirt on Kleon
Head for the Akropolis Sanctuary and use Ikaros when you are close enough to pinpoint the house. You will find clues inside that house to the key that hides the treasure chest containing his dirt.

Get the Key
You must head for the marker, in front of the main Akropolis building and find Phaelos. Assassinate him and get the key from him.

Open Sesame
You must now get back to the sanctuary and open the treasure chest. You will find ‘Kleon’s papyrus’ (quest item), ‘snake staff’ and ‘reinforced leather gloves’.

Report to Sokrates
Meet Sokrates at the Pnyx and give him the papyrus. He is about to give a speech on Kleon. Long story short, Sokrates will change the public opinion on Kleon with the proof of corruption he just found.

After the speech, apparently, his speech has worked.

Both support missions are now complete. Time to find out the next step. You must now return to Sokrates and find yourself in a meeting. Apparently, Brasidas is still alive.

You must now return to Sokrates after completing both ‘A-Musing Tale’ and ‘Unearthing the Truth’.

Sokrates, Aristophanes and Barnabas are having a meeting about Kleon. A civilian enters the room and tells you that Brasidas is alive! You must now find Brasidas and Kleon. The quest is now complete!

Battle of Amphipolis

Amphipolis is under the Athens’ rule, but not for long. You must find Brasidas to crush the Athens, fight and kill Kleon. Brasidas will also meet his untimely fate here.

You must find Brasidas, help him in battle and wage war against Athens. You will also make Kleon meet his fate.

Meet Brasidas
Travel to the western shores of Makedonia and dock the ship. Climb the Amphipolis’ defensive wall and find Brasidas inside with other soldiers. He will greet you and talk about his leg injury in Pylos.

Brasidas tells you that Kleon is fighting alongside his men in Amphipolis.

You must now escort Brasidas to the construction side and defeat the enemies in the area.

Wage War
You must join Brasidas in the battle against Athens. The rules are the same: Beat enough Athens to reduce the blue bar to the end.

Deimos makes an appearance again and lands a brutally lethal strike against Brasidas, killing him. In the same cinematic, you will block Deimos from hitting you, but Kleon will knock Deimos unconscious with an arrow to his back.

Kill Kleon
It is time to end this cultist once and for all. You must head to the shoreline and kill him. Talk to him after beating him to an inch of his life. He asks for mercy but anger is too high.

You can either kill him slowly and painfully or snap his neck quickly and end his life just as quick.

This chapter ends here. You will get a Paris’ bow, a cultist clue and an artifact fragment for killing Kleon. You have lost an important friend in this chapter yet again. When will this painful journey end?!

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