Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Phokis, the Wolf’s Fate, of Visions and Visionaries, Memories Awaken

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete the Wolf’s Fate, of Visions and Visionaries, and Memories Awaken.

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the Main Missions associated with the game’s third chapter including The Wolf, The Snake and Of Visions and Visionaries, Beware the Snakes, and An Old Enemy and a New Ally.

The first two quests can be obtained side by side and be switched anytime you want. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

In this chapter, we will focus on returning to Phokis, reporting to Elpenor of the fate of the Wolf and ultimately facing Elpenor himself. As mentioned earlier, we have not indicated any of the extra markings or rare weapon drops so be sure to wander off here and there and see if you can dig up something.

Onwards to Phokis and Getting back to Barnabas

We will now have to return to Phokis to report our job back to Elpenor.

After the very agonizing cutscene with Nikolaos, return back to Barnabas. He will be on the ship where you docked it. When you get back to Barnabas, speak to him to trigger a short cutscene.

You are now given two main quests titled The Wolf and The Snake and Of Visions and Visionaries. We will cover both of them in this chapter’s walkthrough.

The Wolf’s Fate and Sailing to Phokis

You now have to sail to Phokis and report your journey to Elpenor. Take control of your ship and start moving towards Phokis: the island that you were on before Megaris. Participate in naval combat if you want to get extra items, Drachmae, and XP.

Meeting with Elpenor
As you get back to Phokis, dock your ship and start moving for Elpenor. You can find him in his house. Just follow the objective marker.

A conversation between you and Elpenor will trigger where you have to report The Wolf’s death to him. You will have three choices:

  • Why Did You Want Nikolaos Dead?
  • How Did You Know About Nikolaos?
  • I Don’t Care, You Deserve to Die.

If you choose the first two options, Elpenor will then order you to kill your mother. You will refuse, obviously and Elpenor will run away while sending his soldiers after you. You will have to defeat these soldiers and then chase after Elpenor.

If you choose the third option, instead of killing Elpenor, you will have to defeat his guards.

Elpenor will run away but now your aim is to check his house to find out that he is selling weapons to both Athens and Spartans and making easy money. He wants to continue the war. Your next main story mission will be to find him.

Snake in the Grass
Your job now is to collect hints from everywhere and find Elpenor. If you are fast enough, he will be hiding in the Valley of the Snake, in one of the caves.

Defeat the soldiers outside the cave and then take him out. After beating him to the brink of death, interact with him to find out that The Cult of Kosmos wants you dead. You will also find a new quest item that will have a use later on.

And that is for this quest. You can now continue to Of Visions and Visionaries or do other side quests in the area.

Of Visions and Visionaries

Travel to the Temple of Apollo in Phokis. Your aim here is to meet the Oracle and ask for her prophecies.

Talk to Barnabas
When you reach the Temple of Apollo, you will see Barnabas talking with a rather intriguing man named Herodotos. He will reveal himself to be a messenger from Athens first and then later as a historian.

Choose the option I have questions for the Oracle to get you inside the temple and ask the oracle questions.

Enter the Temple
When you try to enter the temple, a soldier will try to stop you from entering, stating that you go back to the huge line.

You will threaten him and allowed to go in. A short cinematic with the Oracle will play and she will reveal that the Cult of Kosmos is after you! (Deja vu? Yep. Apparently, Elpenor said the same thing).

After being thrown out of the Temple, talk to Herodotos and your next objective will be to find the Oracle in her home.

The Truth will Out
Your aim here is to find the Oracle and question her for information regarding the Cult of Kosmos.

Find the Oracle
You can find the Oracle in her home in The House of the Pythia. It is a luxurious home and is heavily fortified. Defeat the enemies here and proceed into the women’s chambers to find the Oracle.

Interrogate the Oracle
Talk to the afraid Oracle and calm her down by either means: aggressiveness or just asking nicely. You can now ask all your Oracle of Kosmos questions from her or skip all that dialogue by choosing the option I’m going to find the cult.

Talk to Herodotos
Apparently, Herodotos is waiting outside the house of Pythia. Do not ask how or why.

After this conversation with the Oracle, find Herodotos outside the house and reveal to him what the Oracle just told you.

If you killed Elpenor before doing this quest, this quest will end here. If you did not, your quest now will do find Elpenor and assassinate him. Just follow the guide up to find and assassinate him.

Beware the Snakes
Our aim here will be to enter the Cult of Kosmos secret lair under the Temple of Apollo, find out the cult’s aims, the identity of cultist ‘Deimos’ and report back to Herodotos to finally plan to move to Athens.

The Serpent’s Lair

Talk to Herodotos to the north of Temple of Apollo, in the Bouleuterian of Delphi. He will order you to put on your new guise Cult of Kosmos Ceremonial Outfit.

After putting the guise on, Herodotos will help get you inside the cult meeting where you find out the cult’s aims. He also suggests leaving your weapons behind, just in case.

Gather Information
When you get inside the Temple of Apollo, head down the stairs and enter the ceremonial room. Ask the young recruits there for information regarding the identity of the cultist. They will reveal him to be the cultist ‘Deimos’.

Converse with Fellow Cultists
Approach the middle of the giant cavern and talk to other ‘fellow’ cultists to reveal more information. They will ask if one of your family members were to be hunted, who would it be? You can answer any of the three options without many consequences.

Torture a Cultist or Not
After this weird conversation, walk across the stepping-stones and enter a little cave to find a cultist torturing another. The cultist, on seeing you, will offer you to torture him. You can choose either of the options without any consequences.

You will get a quest item ‘Mysterious Fragment’ if you finish all the clues.

Offer Blood
Talk to the cultist standing alone on the circular platform. He is making a blood offering and asks you to do the same. You will have to give some of the blood yourself too if you do not want to blow your cover.

Ask about Deimos and his Mother
If you do choose to offer blood, you can talk to the blood-offering cultist again and you will be able to ask him of either about the identity of Deimos, the cultist or Deimos’ mother’s fate.

After this little conversation, go beyond this cultist to see a magnifying glass icon here. Interact with it to listen to a conversation.

Follow the circular platform back to the shiny pyramid thing and interact with it. You will now put your ‘Mysterious Fragment’ and complete the pyramid.

Now Deimos will enter the scene with Elpenor’s head. Apparently, he is the other character you did not choose. If you chose Alexandra, it is Kassandra.

If you choose Kassandra, it is Alexios. After a scary cutscene, he will tell you to leave. You will take the Mysterious Fragment with you and go while Alexios will beat the crap out of a random cultist while claiming that the cultist is a traitor.

You will talk to Herodotos outside the temple and he will ask how it went. Herodotos will say to go to Athens and report to Perikles, a general leading the Delian League against the Spartans.

An Old Enemy and a New Ally
In this quest, we will focus on meeting Herodotos, traveling to an island of Andros, upgrading our spear and finally facing our sibling.

Memories Awaken

You now have to meet Herodotos and talk to him. You will also have to find, enter the Mysterious Structure and explore it. Finally, report to Herodotos.

Meet Herodotos
Head down to the Lion of Leonidas, at Thermopylai. He will be standing on the cliff, where the tiger sculpture is facing him.

Herodotos will ask for your spear shortly after and when he touches it, a cinematic will reveal the state of war featuring Leonidas just like in the Prologue.

You will witness the end of the legend Leonidas. Returning to the present, Herodotos will inform you of a Mysterious Structure on the island of Andros. It will be our next destination.

Find and Enter the Mysterious Structure
We will skip back to our ship. Undock it and move towards the destination, about 7000m away. Level up a bit because the job ahead might be difficult.

Dock at the island of Andros and use Ikaros to find the entrance to the cave. The entrance to the cave will be a bit weirdly high tech.

A cutscene will trigger here revealing more information about your past and your interaction between you and your mother. It will also be revealed here that apparently your mother was the daughter of Leonidas.

After the brief cinematics, you will return to the present. Enter the cave and explore it. In the center of the cave, there will be a shiny slot which has JUST enough space to put the Spear of Leonidas in. Our character will put it in and the Mysterious Fragment in there.

Return to Modern Age
Your cinematics will cut straight to modern age and Victoria will warn you that you stayed for too long in the Animus.

Interact with your Laptop
Once you get the freedom to move around, interact with your laptop and you will be able to do multiple things including talking to Alannah, email, audio, photos and other data.

Go back to Ancient Greece
When you are done with all this stuff, head back to the Animus and interact with it. The doctor will warn you but you can choose the option Yes, I want to return to the Animus to head to Greece.

Welcome Back to Greece
After a painstakingly load loading, you will return to the Greek world, where you left. You will be notified that your Spear has been upgraded.

You will now be able to upgrade your Spear further by killing the members of the Cult of Kosmos and stealing their Artifact Fragments.

You can use these fragments at this Forge of Hephaistos (the ‘thing’ in the cave with the Spear slot) to upgrade your spear.

Talk to Herodotos
Return to your ship the way you came in and talk to Herodotos. However, at the entrance of the cave, your sibling will enter the scene and demand that you talk.

After a long standoff between both siblings, your sibling leaves the scene and warns you to stay away from the Cult’s objectives and warn Perikles that he is next.

From the top of the hill, head to your ship and report everything to Herodotos. Herodotos will set our next objective to be Pnyx, to meet Perikles. And the quest is done here.

And that is it, you have completed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 3 Walkthrough. What a great story, right?

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