Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Another Day, Another Drachma, a Debt to Pay, the Wolf Hunt

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete Another Day, Another Drachma, a Debt to Pay, the Wolf Hunt main quests.

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the Main Missions associated with the game’s first chapter. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons/armor locations, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The first chapter in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey essentially focuses on you running errands for Markos. We have compiled a walkthrough to help you on your journey.

As mentioned earlier, we have not indicated any of the extra markings or rare weapon drops so be sure to wander off here and there and see if you can dig up something.

In Another Day, Another Drachma, we will start playing with our chosen character, defeat thugs, meet Markos, get Phoibe back from the bad guys on the beach, get money from Duris for Markos, and finally realize the imminent danger Markos has created for the two of you.

So it Begins

The game begins with Ikaros (your eagle) hovering over the lands of Greece. After this brief cutscene, you will be given control of your chosen character.


If you chose the male guy, you will start with Alexios. If you choose the female person, you start with Kassandra. Your character will be prompted to fight two thugs who were sent by Cyclops.

After defeating the two thugs, another cutscene will come up and in this cutscene, a girl named Phoibe will come to you to tell you that Markos is looking for you on his vineyard.

Your character will indicate that Markos has some money that you lend him and he has not returned. After this brief cutscene, you will approach the thugs you defeated before with two options:

  • Get Out of Here
  • You Are Dead

You can choose either of the options but beware that all choices in the golden text in the game have in-game consequences. And sometimes they are permanent.

Afterward, your character will want to get dressed up. Climb up the building and loot the crate in the shades. You will receive some piece of equipment. Equip it to begin.

Once equipped, drop down the building, towards the bridge. Dash forward and follow this road. Take the first left you can see and follow this road towards Zeus’ statue.

Beware though, if you chose to spare the thugs, you will be fighting some more thugs on the road here. You can either slip past them through the bushes or stay and fight.

Whatever you choose, when you are in the clear, the game will prompt you to use Ikarus to locate your target because they are nearby. Follow the road and the tag that you set with Ikarus.

When you meet Markus, a cutscene will trigger depicting an argument between the farmer and Markos that for wine growing. You will be left with two choices:

  • You Do Not Know How to Make Wine
  • You Are Going to Fail

Both options seem familiar so it is safe to choose any of them. Markos will then redirect you to collect your money from a merchant named Duris in Sami. You can find Duris ‘In a shop in Sami overlooking the docks’.

The game will then prompt you to choose your horse. There are three options available. The three horses are different only in skins, so do not fret over what Markos might be saying about these horses.

Choose any of the three and you will be given a new quest called Debt Collector.

Debt Collector

Apparently, while you were busy choosing a horse, Phoibe, the little girl, has been taken away to the beach by Cyclops’ men. A woman will come to you for help and it is now your job to get her back.

Mount your horse and follow the objective marker to the location. When you reach the location, which is right by the cliff, a cutscene will trigger.

After this cutscene, you will cut back to gameplay. You can either hide in the bushes and assassinate the different enemies here or fight them head-on. The first guy is right in front of you.

If you are going for assassin gameplay, after defeating the first guy, follow the bushes towards the left, and towards the tree in the middle of the bushes.

You will be given the option to ‘whistle’. Whistling lures the enemy to your location. Use this to your benefit and while hiding in the bushes, lure the baldie and assassinate him when he is in range.

The third guy is near the building, facing the other way sometimes. You can either sneak up on him or wait in the bushes and lure him using whistles.

The fourth bandit is straight up ahead if you follow the road. She is sitting on her seat if you choose to play the Assassin gameplay. You can sneak up on her.

After killing all the bandits, you enter the hut. To the left of Phoibe is a crate that you can loot to get extra Drachmae and Spartan Buskins.

After freeing her, you will enter a dramatic cutscene where you remember your past – with your pappy, mammy and your younger sibling.

Briefly, after that, you will return to the present and Phoibe will tell you that Cyclops has put a bounty on your head and that Talos the Stone-Fist (a mercenary) is after you. Beware though, Talos is a level 5 mercenary and it will be a very tough battle.

From Kitmene Beach, head back toward the vineyard while following the objective marker. You will enter a city by the river shore. You can find Duris in his shop. Interact with him to trigger another cutscene. You will be given two options:

  • Then You Should Not Have Borrowed the Money.
  • You Are Right. Double Is Too Much.

Choosing either of the options will not hurt much. You will be hinted that apparently, Markos borrowed money from Cyclops! There are two options here:

  • I Will Not Leave Without the Drachmae
  • Which Will Involve Either Breaking His Merchandise to Get Him to Pay Up, or Kill Him.
  • I Will Leave You Alone for Now

Make your way back to the entrance you came from. Follow the statue of Zeus, into Markos’ vineyard. A brute is warning Markos here to cough up the money or be killed. Markos’ will face you afterward and you will be given three options:

  • It Is Impossible.
  • We Can Try.
  • We Will Get the Drachmae.

Choose any of the three options. You will be shortly given a glimpse of a younger version of yourself, sailing on unknown waters and getting washed up ashore where Markos picks you up and takes you in.

Switching back to the present and after a short cutscene with Drucilla, you will have to follow Drucilla back to her workshop where she will fix your Bow for you.

You have to shoot some dummies here and destroy them up with your bow. Annnd done! You are finally done with this quest!

An Eye for an Eye

Okay, so after you have finished learning the Bow mechanics, you have to go talk to Markos. He will be in his vineyard, around 300m away.

You can find him near the cliff. Markos will reveal that our job now is to steal Cyclops’ most beloved possession: his obsidian eye. It will also be revealed that you absolutely have to do this quest without being seen.

You can find ‘The Obsidian Eye’ in Cyclops’ house, in the Cyclops Lair, that is west of the Cursed Valley of Pali.

Get on your horse and follow the objective marker down the mountain. You can use Ikaros to find the eye in the lair. There are several enemies here and a Bandit leader. Remember: You need to stay hidden here.

You can drop from the cliff here, and to the right of you will be an enemy. He is sitting in a tent. You can sneak up on him and kill him without alerting others. Hide his body in the grass, in case.

Go north of there, enter the house in front of you and you will find a chest containing some Drachmae and a Sledgehammer. Get out and you will see a guy roaming here.

You can either sneak up on him or use the whisper skill to attract him to yourself, while you are hiding and then kill him.

Once again, hide his body. Now hide in the bushes and kill the enemies one by one, while proceeding towards the location of the Obsidian Eye.

The eye will be in one of the houses on the table. Take his eye and return to Markos.

After a little convo with our friend Markos, he will ask us to dispose of Cyclops’ fancy friends and loot their treasures.

Some of the fancy guests that arrived from another city are staying “in an abandoned house on the eastern coast by a small forest, south of Sami”.

Fancy Guests

Follow the objective marker with your horse. Follow the path until you reach a building that seems abandoned. Your objective when you reach here will be to kill everyone. Leave no witnesses.

After killing everyone, a small cutscene will trigger where you will meet Elpenor. Apparently, he is looking for his prized possession ‘Penelope’s woven shroud’ and it was brought to the island of Ithaka. He needs you to get the shroud back.

You can gather information for the shroud by asking Elpenor. He will direct you to ‘the home of Odysseus’.

Penelope’s Shroud

At the start of the mission, after the cutscene, you should be on a beach looking directly at the island of Ithaka. There is a small boat that can be taken to the island but you can also swim through the waters.

You can use Ikaros to mark the location of the shroud. When you reach the island of Ithaka, you will have to climb up to a fort that is heavily fortified. The enemies there are at least level 4 so be sure to be at least that level.

You can either kill all the enemies here or well, play it quiet. There are a ton of enemies but killing everyone will give you a huge boost in XP. Choose wisely.

The captain here is level 5. You need to kill him to acquire the shroud though. Kill the captain and loot his body to get the shroud.

Afterward, go back to Elpenor. He will be in the Temple of Zeus. You can find him using the map or by following the objective marker. Upon getting to the Temple of Zeus, he will be inside.

Apparently, Elpenor does not want the shroud anymore and he pays you too, what a good guy! Elpenor will then order you to kill a general named “The Wolf”.

You can equip the new item: ‘Shroud of Penelope’ and it gives extra assassin damage and critical (CRIT) chance.

The Big Break

Your first objective will be to ‘Talk to the shipbuilder’. Go to Sami and head to the docks. Speak with the man named Telemenes: he is building a ship. Telemenes will give you another task to do if you want to take the ship.

He will also hint that Cyclops is back in town and his ship is docked in the Kleptous Bay. Follow the marker to the location; it is about 780m from where you are when you speak to Telemenes.

When you reach the Bay, one of the prominent things about this place is that near the entrance, a person is hanged on a tree. Enter the bay through the door, and use Ikarus to find Cyclops.

When you reach the location, Cyclops is seen torturing a bearded guy because he called him Cyclops and he does not like when people call him Cyclops.

Our character will enter the screen here and well, push Cyclops’ precious obsidian down a goat’s arse. Huh.

A-Anyways, it is time to fight Cyclops and his men. Cyclops does heavy attacks so dodge his attacks and hit him as fast as possible. A tip would be to kill his men first because it can get a bit messy otherwise.

Your next task is to free the ship captain. The ship captain is the bearded guy who called Cyclops, Cyclops.

After freeing the guy, you have to escort him to a cliff. The bearded guy will reveal his identity as a Barnabas. He will offer his and his crew’s services for saving his life. After this cutscene, head to Sami Harbor and talk to our ship captain again.

Annnd Phoibe wants to come with you but our character does not want that to happen, ultimately rejecting her. Markos will also enter the scene and ask for a hug. You can give him either a handshake or a hug. We all need a hug, don’t we?

Afterward, another cutscene will pop up, revealing more of your tragic past. And that’s it! The quest is now complete! Kudos, my brethren.

Learning the Ropes

You will learn how to use the boat here. If you have played Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the controls are very similar to that game. Barnabas mentions in the cutscene that his shipment has been stolen by pirates.

After this cutscene, take command of the ship and sail to the pirates that are around 1000 meters to the east of your location.

Give these guys a quick beating and when you have defeated their ship, mount it and kill everyone onboard to get Barnabas’ shipment back. Get back to your own ship and control it again.

Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Barnabas will hint that we have lost a few men in this battle against the pirates. He will hint that we can find the best archer ever on the Pirate Island.

From the location of your last battle, head east towards the pirate island. This is on the edge of the Sacred Lands of Apollo’s south shore.

This island is a little small so send Ikarus into the air when you dock near the Island. Locate the best archer through our bird and head towards their camp. Our friend archer will be named Phemios. Sneak up on him and knock him out to recruit him.

After recruiting him, return to Barnabas to complete the quest. You can check out the Naval Message Board here to get extra side quests for your ship.

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