Assassin’s Creed Mirage To Catch A Demon Walkthrough

The To Catch A Demon will have you track down the Admiral in AC Mirage and finally assassinate him.

Seven quests are involved in The Warlord Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. After completing the first two quests by spying on the two The Order officers and discussing everything at the Bureau, you can head to assassinate either Al A’eshma or Al-Rukh. If you decide to kill Al A’eshma, you will pursue the To Catch a Demon quest in AC Mirage.

In this guide, we will discuss all objectives in the To Catch a Demon quest and help you take down one of the important figures of The Order in AC Mirage. 

Investigate the Sharqiyah Harbor 

To start the To Catch a Demon quest, you will need to pick the Al A’eshma lead from your investigation tab. After that, you can start working on the objectives of the mission. 

The quest marker will take you to the Harbor Camp in Karkh, where you must gather information about Admiral Nadir and his workings. When you reach the camp, use your eagle Enkidu to clearly observe the area and see if there’s any threatening situation ahead. 

Head to the building beside the pier and kill the guard standing outside it. Go inside and interact with the papers on the table to discover the diagram of a strange-looking ship. 

Now, head to the pier outside this building to spot a cage. There will be a few guards patrolling the area. Hide behind the sacks and take out one guard without alerting the others. Then, proceed to eliminate the remaining ones. Collect the Trade Harbor key from one of the corpses and use it to open the chest in the previous building. 


Finally, open the cage at the pier and examine the rotten corpse inside. You will find a Shipment Notice showing the location of Admiral Nadir’s camp. 

Go to Admiral Nadir’s Camp 

After reading the shipment notice, you will get a new objective marker in To Catch A Demon in AC Mirage. It will take you to the Al A’eshma camp in the Wilderness’s northeast section. 

Go inside the Southern Camp by jumping from the wooden fence.  

Find Admiral Nadir 

There’s a marksman guard on the roof above. Assassinate him first, and then use Enkidu to understand the route ahead. Take out another guard standing on the other roof to stop him from alerting the others. 

There will be two more guards below your position. Air Assassinate the first one and then eliminate the other by combat. Hide in the bushes and wait for two guards to come near you. As you get the prompt to assassinate, do so with the first one and then eliminate the other. The incident may alert a few more enemies, so be ready to fight them. 

Look for a way to lure Admiral Nadir out 

Use Enkidu to know the positions where Nadir’s guards are patrolling. This will allow you to have an edge over the enemies.  

Take the nearest wooden stairs and eliminate the guard on the upper platform. Eavesdrop on the two guards and then assassinate them one after the other. Now, move to different locations where you spot guards and keep eliminating them as silently as possible. 

Having done with all the guards, go to the shore where an old ship prototype is docked. If you interact with the note on the table, you will find out that the Admiral strictly wants any fire to be kept away from his prototype ship. We have a way to lure Admiral Nadir out of his hiding place. 

Burn the prototype ship

Approach the prototype ship by swimming a few meters into the water. You will see a few fiery barrels right in the middle as you reach the ship. Use a throwing knife to blow the barrels up and immediately make your way back to the ground. Al A’eshma will furiously come out of his chambers to know the cause of this chaos.

A red marker on his head will distinguish him from normal guards. It’s time to catch the demon in AC Mirage! Head to the Admiral and start attacking him while keeping an eye out for his loyal guards. He will mostly try to keep a distance from you and use his guards as a shield.

You can use a smoke bomb at this point to have an edge over the enemies. Finally, you can finish Al A’eshma off once the guards have been taken care of.  

After eliminating the Admiral, you will pick a letter from his body. It will be from Al Mardikhwar, who is angry at the incident of a missing military shipment. Our To Catch a Demon walkthrough ends here in AC Mirage.  

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