Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gilded Butterflies Walkthrough

Gather Intel and Assassinate Ning, The Treasurer.

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gilded Butterflies mission, your main objective is to track down the Treasurer and assassinate her. She is using people’s taxes to fund the Order. You have to find some intel to approach the Treasurer.

I will guide you through this mission’s objectives so you can complete it quickly and progress in the storyline.

How to Expose the Treasurer’s Identity

You need to expose who the Treasurer is by finding some intel. Enter the Bazaar; there, you must find any means to provide you with vital information about the treasurer. Once in the bazaar, use the eagle vision; this will help you to reach the person named ‘Kong.’

Deal With Kong

Kong is the person who will give you info about the treasurer in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gilded Butterflies. When you ask him about that, he gives you a task; in return, he will provide you with intel. He wants you to get him a plate from Luca, a precious object.

Now you have to reach the point marked on the screen, on your left, there will be a room.

There is a wooden trolley; use it to head straight up, and you will find some explosive material there. Pick it up and throw it down to a breakable wall in the room.


Climb down and take the trolley through the opened path. Use the trolley to climb up, and you will find a table with the precious object in Gilded Butterflies.

Collect it, and use the door on your right to get out from there and reach Kong. Once Kong gets the object, he gives you some intel.

Then, walk opposite Kong, and you will see a merchant near the stairs asking you to visit his store upstairs. Go to his store, where he will show some of his products to you.

Eavesdrop on Mysterious Women

Once you get the clue, a point will be marked on your screen; go there, and you will find two women. Start hearing them by sitting on the nearer bench. After some dialogue, they start moving to other places; follow them, and both end up in the room where they talk about the treasurer in AC Mirage.

You will learn that the treasurer in the Gilded Butterflies mission is a woman named Ning. Now that you have the identity, it’s time to take her life.

Then, a mark will be pointed to take you to the place of auction. There will be a Bid for the Hairpin; take part, and you will get the Hairpin in that auction for 500 dinars.

If you don’t like to spend money, then steal it. On the right of the auction stage, there will be a wall, and you will see the auction bidder on top. When he turns around, take the Hairpin from there; it’s yours.

How to Gain Audience with The Treasurer

After the auction, go to the place marked on the screen; there will be a guarded door. Ask him that you want to meet the treasurer, but he won’t allow you to enter. You are required to have a broach to enter there.

Following the opposite path to that door, you will find a spice merchant; you can use the eagle version to locate her in AC Mirage Gilded Butterflies.

Upon asking her about the broach, she asks for money; give her, and she will tell you it’s an Ivory Coin fraternity. The only way to get it is to steal it.

Get the Ivory Coin Broach

After dealing with the spice merchant, a mark will be shown; follow it. This will lead you to a window entrance to the building. Get in and go on using the wooden beams. You will see two guards arguing down there.

Jump upon them and assassinate them, and there on the table, you will find the Ivory Coin’s Broach in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gilded Butterflies.

How to Assassinate Ning, The Treasurer

Now that you have the broach again, reach the guard, give him the broach, and enter. Follow him to a point where he asks you to wait as she deals with the other merchant.

Wait until you are not asked to enter. Once you are asked to enter, get close to Ning. Show her the Hairpin, and after seeing it, she will ask the guards to leave. Then, there will be a short dialogue.

Once in the center of that huge room, you can assassinate her and complete the Gilded Butterflies mission in AC Mirage.

If you don’t get spotted, then immediately leave the bazaar. Fight the guards and search for a hiding place if you get spotted.

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