Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Artifacts Guide

You can easily find Artifacts in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. You don’t get much from them as only one of these will get you an achievement reward. They are all situated in the present day Monteriggioni. From Sequence 2 you will be given an option to leave the Animus and pause the game so you can find the Artifacts. So check out our guide to all the Assassin’s Creed: Brother Artifacts.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Artifacts Guide

1. Claudia’s Record Book
The book belonged to Claudia Auditore da FirenzeWhen you will leave the main room and get an ear-piece with a watch, you will be put outside a door with few generators. Basically when you leave the Sanctuary. Go back inside Mario’s Study and find the book on the right side’s floor.

2. Maria’s Feather Chest
This artifact can be found right after you exit the Sanctuary. Climb up the wall behind you towards a window. After all of this, you will come across a lift take it to the roof. You can find the feather chest in a cannonball crater around the left of the landing spot.

3. Mario’s Sword

The sword belonged to Mario Auditore and he used it as his personal blade. After leaving the Sanctuary, at the bottom of the Central Steps -situated at the front of the Villa, go near the first shop and look at the right side. You will see a white car, with an alley just close to it. Go to that Alley and find a big tree. The sword is stuck in the ground near the big tree.

4. Medici Cape
The cape belonged to Lorenzo de’ Medici but he later gave it to Ezio who saved his life. At the bottom of the Central Steps-situated at the front of the villa, keep following the main road. You will see a red car, Turn to the left alley where the car is parked. Move forward and you will see a church, the cape is present in that Church.

5. Ezio’s Belt
You can find this artifact at the front of the city. Just look for a brothel which is opposite to the Sanctuary I mentioned above. On the other hand, if you are facing the gate which is on the front then just go right and you can find the artifact on an uplifted area.

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