MSI, Asus And ASRock B360, H370 and H310 Motherboards For Intel Coffee Lake Processors Leaked

Just recently upcoming 8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake-S Processors were listed online along with the base and boost clocks and now ASRock And MSI motherboards for these 8th Gen Intel Cofee Lake-S Processors have been leaked online.

Let’s start with ASRock B360, H370 and H310 Motherboards which have been leaked. There a total of 10 ASRock motherboards which have been leaked which include B360 Pro4, B360M-HDV, B360M-ITX/ac, H370 Pro4, H370M-ITX/ac, H310M-ITX/ac, H310M-HDVP, H310M-HDV, H310M-G/M.2 and H310M-DGS.

You can check out the leaked ASRock motherboards in the gallery below, however, specifications for these leaked motherboards have not been leaked so you will have to do with the images for now.

Now its time for the MSI leaked motherboards for 8th Gen Intel Cofee Lake-S Processors. There a total of 12 MSI motherboards leaked which include B360 GAMING ARCTIC, B360M MORTAR TITANIUM, B360-A PRO, B360M MORTAR, B360M PRO-VD/VH, H370 GAMING PRO CARBON, H370 GAMING PLUS, H370M BAZOOKA, H310M PRO-M2 and H310 PRO-VD/VH.

Just like ASRock motherboard, these leaked MSI motherboards for 8th Gen Intel Cofee Lake-S Processors don’t have the specifications yet only images which you can check out in the gallery below.

Speaking of the Coffee Lake-S Processors, these chips aren’t compatible with Skylake/Kaby Lake motherboards due to higher power requirement and increased core and thread count.

However, modders have successfully made Coffee Lake Chips To Run on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards. Asus layouts for the upcoming X470 motherboards have also been leaked. Other than that you can check out Asus mainstream 300 series motherboards below:

According to modders, Intel is blocking Coffee Lake Chips to run on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards using a software which comes in in the form of CPU microcode.

Despite the microcode, modders have successfully bypassed the software to get the Coffee Lake CPU work on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards.

What do you think of these leaked ASRock and MSI motherboards? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Videocardz

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