Armored Core 6: All Part Container Locations

Getting the Asset Holder achievement is not an easy task as it requires you to collect All Part Containers in Armored Core 6.

Part Containers are chests that you can find in Armored Core 6. Each chest contains a hidden part that you can equip to your mech. Once you discover all hidden parts, you unlock the “Asset Holder” achievement/trophy.

They are scattered across different locations and can only be found during specific missions. Furthermore, you can only detect these chests when using Head Parts as they are capable of scanning with their high “Scan Distance” stats.

This makes them one of the most difficult collectibles to acquire in Armored Core 6. In the list below, you’ll find the location of every part container.

Chapter 2

You will only get to collect four Part Containers in total during Chapter 2 with each chest found during Missions 12: Infiltrate Grid 086. Below are the locations of all Part Containers in Chapter 2.

1) Core: CC 3000 Wrecker

CC 3000 Wrecker armored core 6

This is the first Part Container found during chapter 2 of Armored Core 6. You will find it during the “Reach Center of Grid 086’s lower-level” objective.

It is located after heading through the large facility. There is a hole below which you must drop down into. Simply drop down to find a room with the Part Container on the other side.

2) Head: HC 3000 Wrecker

HC 3000 Wrecker armored core 6

You will find this Part Container after entering a room that has a furnace in it. The container is located at the bottom level. However, you must drop down to reach it.

3) Arm: AC 3000 Wrecker

AC 3000 Wrecker armored core 6

While still searching the furnace room, head over to the area where you will find molten metal. Simply use the pipe next to the flowing molten metal to head down the level and reach the Part Container in Armored Core 6 at the eastern part of the area.

4) Leg: 2C 3000 Wrecker

2C 3000 Wrecker armored core 6

This Part Container is found during the Annihilate enemy MT squad objective in Armored Core 6. It is a bit tricky to acquire. Simply take a 90-degree turn to find the Rail’s area. However, prior to fighting the MT squad, you must use the inclined surface that leads you down to the Part Container.

Chapter 3

There are two Part Containers you will find in Armored Core 6 during Chapter 3. However, they are located in different missions and require much scanning to acquire them.

Below are the Containers you will find in the Chapter during Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage and Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City:

1) Nebula: IA-C01W1 (Mission 18)

IA-C01W1 armored core 6

IA-C01W1 is found during Mission 18 in Armored Core 6. To acquire this item, head inside the tunnels and receive news about the return of the PCA force. Here you must head left rather than going down the tunnels. You will enter a room with an LC shooting lasers. Near it will be the container.

2) Aorta: IA-CO1G (Mission 19)

IA-CO1G armored core 6

IA-CO1G () is found during Mission 19 of Armored Core 6. Simply deactivate the initial fog control device. Going further into the area, you will encounter a drone.

Deal with the drone and head over to the next fog control device. However, take a look at the rooftop of the cylindrical building. You will find the Part Container atop the building.

3) Double Trouble: WB-0010 (Mission 24)

 WB-0010 armored core 6

You will find this Part Container during mission 24 of Eliminate “Honest” Brute in Armored Core 6. Go past the laser sensors to come across a platform down below. On the platform, head over to the central part of the area to find the Part Container resting on the broken platform.

4) BC-0600 12345 (Mission 24)

BC-0600 armored core 6

This Part Container is found during Mission 24 in Armored Core 6. You will find it near the turntable platform.

Simply head east to find another platform facing the turntable. You can circle the pillars to hop onto the large platform to find the Part Container on it.

5) Bad Cook: WB-0000 (Mission 24)

WB-0000  armored core 6

This is the last Part Container in Armored Core 6 which you will find during Chapter 3 Mission 24. Simply pass the forcefield to head inside a room across the gap.

You will find this room filled with lasers. Therefore, be alert at times. Drop down from the first platform to come across the Part Container on the eastern side of the room.

Chapter 4

There are a total of three missions in Chapter 4 that consist of four Part Containers for you to collect. These missions include the likes of Underground Exploration Depth 1 and 2, and Unknown Territory Survey.

1) Ephemera: IA-C01L (Mission 28)

IA-C01H armored core 6

You will find the IA-C01L Part Container inside the Shaft during Mission 28 of Chapter 4. All you need to do is drop down to the Shaft till you come across a closed partition. From here head inside a room in the shaft that leads you to the Part Container inside.

2) Gills: IA-C01B (Mission 29)

IA-C01B armored core 6

The IA-C01B is one of two Part Containers found during Mission 29 in Armored Core 6. You will find it soon after defeating G5 Iguazu in Armored Core 6. Simply head down the path inside the underground canyon and head east to find the Part Container inside resting near some machines.

3) Ephemera: IA-C01A (Mission 29)

IA-C01A armored core 6

This Part Container is another chest found during Mission 29. To find it, you must escape the tunnel and make your way to the ventilation duct below on the easter side of the area. Use the jump pad to find the Part Container above.

4) MoonLight: IA-C01W2 (Mission 32)

IA-C01W2 armored core 6

You will come across this Armored Core 6 Part Container during Mission 32 in Chapter 4. You will locate it while making your way to the Coral Convergence in Armored Core 6. The best decision you can make is to use the broken bridge that leads you to the city where you will find the Part Container at the bottom.

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