ARMA Reforger might release on PC first

The new ARMA Reforger game might not release simultaneously across all platforms as mentioned in the recent leak.

ARMA Reforger is expected to be officially announced in a few hours as a new multi-platform installment, but a rating beforehand questions the possibility of a simultaneous release across all platforms.

ARMA Reforger was rated earlier today by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for only PC. The rating has led many to wonder about a PC exclusive release but which would be highly unlikely.

For those unaware, branding documents were leaked on the weekend (via Eurogamer) that clearly mentioned ARMA Reforger as a game intended to “introduce ARMA to a new (console-oriented) audience”.

Hence, an exclusive PC release would be counterproductive. What the ESRB rating could mean is that ARMA Reforger will release first on PC before gracing PlayStation and Xbox consoles once developer Bohemia Interactive has ensured stability. Considering that the vague wording in the leaked documents suggested the game to release on PlayStation only after Xbox, Bohemia Interactive could be planning a separate release for each platform.

ARMA Reforger will be a military simulation game taking place in the Cold War during the 1980s. It will release with an “appropriate pricing” and hence, will not be free to play. Furthermore, the new installment will be powered by the new Enfusion Engine and will also be used to “test new technology and design decisions to form the foundation of Arma 4.”

ARMA Reforger will understandably serve as a bridge between ARMA 3 and ARMA 4. Bohemia Interactive appears to be sizing up its ARMA audience while tweaking its new Enfusion Engine features with Reforger.

Bohemia Interactive will be hosting a special live stream in a few hours to discuss the future of the ARMA franchise, which is where ARMA Reforger and ARMA 4 are expected to be revealed.

Bohemia Interactive is also expected to announce a new, dedicated ARMA Platform to allow third-party creators to add new content to the game.

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