ARMA 4 Might Be Getting Announced With A Dedicated ARMA Platform For Third-Party Content

It appears that ARMA 4 will be officially announced in the coming days, more than eight years after ARMA 3 was released.

It appears that ARMA 4 will be officially announced in the coming days, more than eight years after ARMA 3 was released as one of the most realistic open-world military tactical shooters in history.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, publisher-and-developer Bohemia Interactive announced a special livestream for next week that will discuss the future of the ARMA franchise. While no hints were given, Bohemia Interactive is strongly expected to reveal ARMA 4 as a next-generation successor and not just another content add-on for the existing, long-running installment.

The expectation of a new ARMA 4 announcement stems from several reasons. Firstly, Bohemia Interactive is known to be working on an unannounced project.

Secondly, the publisher revealed its new Enfusion engine last December which was described as a “powerful toolset” to support “any potential new ARMA game” in the future.

Thirdly, Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel potentially teased ARMA 4 a couple of days back by tweeting “Everon 4 Ever!” which was taken as a play on words for the new installment. Everon is one of the playable terrains in the franchise.

Lastly, the official ARMA Twitter account has renamed itself to ARMA Platform in preparation for the upcoming livestream. It is believed that ARMA 4 will be launched alongside a dedicated platform to allow third-party creators to add new content to the game.

The ARMA platform will function similar to how ARMA 3 became a live service game over the years as community modders helped push paid add-ons that were curated by Bohemia Interactive.

Considering that the new Enfusion engine has been designed to support “extensive moldability” to discover and customize mods directly from in the game, having a dedicated content platform for ARMA 4 would be logical.

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