Ark Ragnarok Artifact Locations

To make the artifact-finding process easier for you in Ark Ragnarok, we have prepared this locations guide.

Artifacts in Ark Ragnarok are used for summoning bosses. You can find these artifacts in dangerous places and caves scattered throughout the map. To make the artifact-finding process easier for you in Ark Ragnarok, we have prepared this location guide.

You will find around 10 Artifacts in Ark Ragnarok, and their detailed locations are listed below.

Ark Ragnarok Artifact Location

The following are the artifacts you will find in Ark Ragnarok.

  • Artifact of Brute
  • Artifact of Strong
  • Artifact of Immune
  • Artifact of Cunning
  • Artifact of Hunter
  • Artifact of Pack
  • Artifact of Devourer
  • Artifact of Clever
  • Artifact of Devious
  • Artifact of Skylord

You will find the location of all the artifacts in Ark Ragnarok on the map below.

Ark Ragnarok Artifact Locations

Where to Find Artifact of Brute

  • 34.3 LAT
  • 78.9 LON

This Artifact is inside a cave-type area right above the waterfall. After moving a little forward along the stream, you will find this Artifact inside an arch on the left side.


Where to Find Artifact of Strong

  • 24.6 LAT
  • 25.0 LON

It is an underground area that you can find on the right side of the waterfall. From the entrance, head downstairs and move forward. Now turn right to see the Artifact pretty quickly.

Where to Find Artifact of Immune & Cunning

  • 21.9 LAT
  • 42.1 LON

It is a cave in the middle of the little Swamp area. You may encounter some dangerous creature inside this cave, so be prepared for that. In this cave, you will find two Artifacts. One is Artifact of Immune, and the other is Artifact of Cunning.

Where to Find Artifacts of Hunter

  • 18.6 LAT
  • 27.8 LON

Follow the coordinates above, and you will find the entrance to the lava cave. It is a pretty dangerous cave, and you will find things like pressure plates that fire tranquilizer darts on you. These darts can knock you down, so be prepared for all dangers.

Where to Find Artifact of Pack

  • 30.9 LAT
  • 37.8 LON

Enter the Ice Cave using the entrance at the coordinates mentioned above and fly to its end. Here you will find another cave entrance on the left side. Follow it to go down and again turn left. Now you have to move forward on foot to find the Artifact of Pack inside the Ice Cave.

Where to Find Artifact of Devourer

  • 47.3 LAT
  • 2.2 LON

The Artifact of Devourer is located inside the ocean at the coordinates mentioned above. This area is far from the Island, and you will also encounter dangerous creatures. A fast underwater tame is what you need to find this Artifact quickly and safely.

Where to Find Artifact of Clever, Devious, & Skylord

  • 51.9 LAT
  • 79.6 LON

Follow the coordinates mentioned above, and you will get to the entrance of Labyrinth Cave in the desert region of Ark Ragnarok. You will need to crouch down to enter this cave, and inside it, you will find three artifacts.

However, it is not an easily accessible cave, and you will face a lot of dangers. We recommend you visit this several times as a solo player before attempting to collect the artifacts.

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