Ark Valguero Survival Tips Guide

If you want to get good at Ark Valguero, then you've come to the right guide as we'll be discussing the best survival tips for the game.

Ark Valguero is the third official mod map and one of the most balanced in Ark Survival Evolved. This map is set very differently than others with no oceans surrounding it. The map mainly consists of the valley. Players get to explore a lot of different locations such as wide cliffs or hidden caves. This guide will walk you through some of the much-needed survival tips we’ve gathered for Ark Valguero.

This game has some wonderful weather effects with occasional rainbows, shooting stars, and whatnot. Ark Valguero brings a new pattern of Wyvern Trench and exclusive Dinos too. This is certainly a map that every player wants to enter as it has so many new boss fights.

Ark Valguero Survival Tips

A Quick Review of The Map

The biome can easily be broken down into six chapters, the first one is the like area. This is the beginner’s area and players will find their time easier here.

The second chapter is Redwoods. This area of the map is filled with giant trees which combine to make a deep dense jungle. Players can hide away under the bushes. Then there is a vertical cliff and a snowy area.

The snowy area presents hazardous conditions. This area is the home to the most powerful creatures on the map. This takes you to the new iteration of a Wyvern Trench.

There’s also a tungen biome offering a great spot to offer a large number of great resources. This is also home to Lord of the rings.


The Abase is a large underground ocean with several routes and points to access. With no air pockets meaning, you will be stuck underwater until you travel back the way.

Finally, there is an aberration area. In this area, there’s a green zone and a rad zone.

Building a Base

Firstly a player will spawn on a small island. Then make a raft. Put the bed, storage boxes, mortar, pestle, forge, and smithy on the raft. Raft around, gather berries and turn them into drugs until you locate a decent spot to tame a trike. Then, you had the option of building a foundation or moving forward by raft. To obtain a lot of narco berries, use a tricycle. Tame an argy, locate an argy trap and tame a ptera. Find doedicurus, ankylosaurus, and castoroides if carry wild is authorized. Create a taming pen, put the animal inside, and train it.

Once you get them all, you can build a base anywhere you like while keeping in mind the few gigaspawns.

However, constructing the triple waterfall at 33,9 is highly advised. features two large entrances into the vast underwater region of the map, as well as plenty of space for building.

Leveling Up the Craft

Make as much of anything you can, whether you need it or not, to level up. Varieties are good. Rafts are an expensive luxury. What you can use, discard the rest. But construct as much and as frequently as you can.

Put structures down to gain more experience, destroy them to recover half of your material, and create more structures to make the most of your runs. Added vessels from stations Narc, health supplement, gunpowder, and spark powder.

Advantages of Boat Bases

Take advantage of boat bases. It’s the ideal map for it since there is a sizable body of water in the middle of it, which players can use to get fast to all the metal and crystal, and because there are no Leeds in the above world to come to damage the boat base because they are all in the underworld ocean.

Speaking of which, as soon as you can, go scuba diving, grab a Megalodon from the overworld, and head to the underworld Ocean to go tame up a Basilosaurus. They are without a doubt the BEST water mount on this map, immune to ALL the terrifying creatures in the ocean, tankier than a Mosa, and unlike other maps, they don’t take depth damage on Valguero from going too deep.

Deep Sea Loot Crate

Loot Crate is by Lat 48.7 / Long 35.6

Players should relatively be safe here. Sometimes there’s a chance that a couple of Megalodons and Eurypterid spawn here.

Then there are loot crates at :

  • Lat 2 Lon 32.8
  • Lat 8 Lon 30.6
  • Lat 2 Lon 33.8

Where to Find Metal

A little peninsula with a sizable rock in the shape of a spike is located on the lake’s south shore directly beneath 50,50.

An excellent location is the next peninsula to the west. Few hazardous dinosaurs, large and flat. There are plenty of simple mats and tonnes of metal between there and the spike. Silica pearls are also nearby

Boss Fights

Buff your troops with the Yuty as soon as you reach the boss arena. Waiting until everyone starts attacking before boosting is a sure way to lose. Yuty boosts to increase your army’s damage output while simultaneously making them more resistant to attacks. This is crucial because if you’re unprepared, Dragon will destroy your army.

Be ready for pteras and dimorphs. In the beginning, keep an eye on your health because a group of Pteras and Dimorphs will be hunting down players.

The Pteras won’t be a problem because your Yuty/Rex/Rhino will take care of them, but if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings and are surprised by the Dimorph pack, they could kill you.

Keep racing if you’re a rhino rider and you get trapped on the monster, a rex, or anything else. Even though you’re stuck, the game handles it as if you’re free, so you may still amass heart points and deliver a tonne of damage, which will only make your wrath grow.

Rad Zone

Radiation zone in the aberration affects health a lot especially when they don’t have the resources to buy a Hazardous suit.

For this players are advised to find Lampry. Once found players should touch them. This will give players 600 seconds in which the Radiation zone will not affect them.

Avoid Death After Successful Boss Fight

Players frequently acquire the element of the tames on Valguero even after defeating all three Alpha bosses, but when they teleport back to the obelisk they die. All of the other members of the squad and the tames survived, except for 100 elements. They were all on the ground, all quiet, and none of them were on their tames.

You are within the dino’s inventory when the timer starts when you enter or exit the boss fight while jumping or flying. Stand up on the dino when the ride begins normally.

All of your dinos would die in the boss fight if something like that occurred when you went to the boss fight, which is typically the case.

If happen when you return you die and lost your inventory but your dinos are unharmed. So anyone of this will happen. Work on the survival tips we’ve discussed in this Ark Valguero guide and you should see a drastic improvement in your game’s efficiency.

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