Ark Valguero Beaver Dam Locations

This guide will cover the best locations where you can find a Beaver Dam in Ark Valguero and how to farm Cementing Paste.

Beaver Dams in Ark Valguero are the best locations to farm Cementing Paste which is one of the most valuable resources you need. Even a few Beaver Dams can help you get a lot of Cementing Paste as they respawn after a few minutes if you destroy them and revisit this area.

This guide will cover the best locations to find Beaver Dams in Ark Valguero and how to farm Cementing Paste.

Ark Valguero Beaver Dams Locations

Beaver Dams are usually found in water or close to it. So you will need to search a bit high ground with water if you are looking for Beaver Dams.

These dams are the best source for you to farm the Cementing Paste, an essential resource for building giant structures. While gathering this resource, make sure to distract the beavers around it as they will attack you.

The best thing that you can do is get close to the Beaver Dams, so they can start following you. Now you can lead them to a place far away from the dam.

After that, you can quickly get to the dam and gather all available resources. Make sure to pick all the resources so the beaver dam gets destroyed.

Once the dam is destroyed, it will respawn after a few minutes when you revisit. Below you will find some of the best locations where you can find Beaver Dams in Ark Valguero.

The first area where you can find some Beaver Dams is 59.5 Latitude and 71.5 Longitude. After getting here, you will find a giant Beaver Dam next to a waterfall. You can find more Beaver Dams here as well.

So you have to head up the waterfall and follow the river. You will see more beaver Dams along and inside the river. The other Beaver Dams location is on the western side of the map at 40.7 Latitude and 14.3 Longitude.

There again, you will find Beaver Dams close to a water body. You can explore the area around the coordinates mentioned above to see more beaver Dams in Ark Valguero.

How to Farm Cementing Paste

The best method for farming Cementing Paste in Ark Valguero in Beaver Dams. You can head to any Beaver Dam and collect Cementing Paste from there.

We highly recommend you to farm it using the Beaver Dams as they will respawn, and you can continue to collect cementing Paste from them. But still, we will tell you about the other way you can follow to farm Cementing Paste in Ark Valguero.

Now for this method to work, you will need to tame a lot of Achatina, which is not a difficult job to do. You can easily tame them using some sweet vegetable cakes.

Once tamed, you must place them on some base like a metal foundation. Now, you have to fill their inventory with stones and enable wandering. By setting them to enable wandering, you are increasing the speed at which they will produce cementing Paste.

You can place two Gacha on both sides of the Achatina to pick up the Paste. To ensure they don’t eat the Paste, you can put some stones or any food you have in their inventory. You can come after some time and collect the Paste from here.

But still, the better way of farming the Cementing Paste is collecting it from the Beaver Dams.

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