Ark Valguero Cementing Paste Locations

This guide aims to help you farm cementing paste in Ark Valguero by pinpointing some of the best locations.

Cementing Paste is a grey liquid typically found near water bodies in Ark Valguero. A Giant Beaver Dam’s inventory can be raided for Cementing Paste as a source of the cementing Paste. This can be accomplished by feeding a Meganeura or Titanomyrma to a Beelzebufo or Dino. Besides this, Chitin/Keratin and Stone can be combined to make it in the Mortar and Pestle.

Cementing Paste is utilized in a variety of ways. Therefore the fact that it is not a difficult resource to obtain has no bearing on its importance. Cementing Paste is utilized as currency because it is difficult to make and has high-level uses, making it a valuable resource. Many cultures widely utilized Cementing Paste to trade for goods, land, and animals with other tribes.

Many goods, the majority of which are unlocked at higher levels, can be made with cementing Paste. These crafting supplies include cannons, platform saddles, and auto-turrets.

Ark Valguero Cementing Paste Locations

The beaver dams are covered with cement paste. The map’s river coast is covered in various small and large beaver dams. The grey puddles that spawn there contain cementing Paste, so go to any of them.

Ark Valguero Cementing Paste Locations

Location 1

The first location players can go to gather Cementing Paste is Lake Babel Waterfall. The coordinates are as followings :

LAT 61.0

LON 79.0

Players can find it in the bottom pool or on the side of a bank. Go to the waterfall and check for little beavers swimming around. Also, go to the next waterfall now for all the beavers in this lake, but they are scattered around.

Location 2

Lake Babel Waterfall covers a huge area. There are two more dams here from where cementing pastes can be gathered. The coordinates are :

LAT 59

LON 72

After reaching these coordinates fly around on your wyvern tame and look for the dams. Keep looking underwater if you can find some beavers swimming. Also, keep looking on the side grass.

Location 3

So the next location where players can find cementing Paste is at the following coordinates :

LAT 39

LON 11

Keep following the map and look for beavers. There is a small lake, and players will find two beaver dams to their left. It may be hard for you to see it as the ground is brown, too, so a good focus is required. Fly and look around the area; there will be beaver dams.

The players must locate the beaver dams in each site mentioned above. Beaver dams can spawn above and below the water, on cliffsides, and even in seemingly unreachable crevices and nooks. They are the best place to get cementing Paste.

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