Ark The Center Cementing Paste Locations

Read our detailed guide that covers all the locations where you can farm Cementing Paste in the Ark The Center expansion along with its uses.

Cementing Paste is a valuable resource that was used as a currency to buy animals and land in Ark The Center expansion. You can also craft many other critical items such as polymers, weapons, and saddles from Cementing Paste.

Cementing Paste can easily be farmed from the beaver dams that are found everywhere on the Ark The Center map inside the water as well as by taming animals such as Beelzebufo and Achatina to collect the Cementing Paste so read this guide to learn about every Cementing Paste location in Ark The Center.

Ark The Center Cementing Paste Locations

Crafting Cementing Paste is possible in Ark the Center but is a very slow process that requires patience therefore another good way is to find beaver dams across the map and steal from them.

Ark The Center Cementing Paste Locations

You can find plenty of beaver dams in areas like the center islands where there are a lot of lakes and usually beaver dams are found near water therefore it is an ideal location for you to find plenty of beaver dams and cementing paste. The coordinates for the Center Island location are (52,66).

Once you collect the cementing paste from the beaver dam, make sure to throw away all the wood that is stored inside them because that will destroy it, and eventually beavers will make new ones that will have more new items like Cementing Paste, Chitin, and Polymer.

Taming For Cementing Paste

Another way that you can get cementing paste is by taming creatures like Beelzebufo and Achatina to collect the Cementing Paste. You can easily find Beelzebufo in the Center Swamp area and hop on it to find Meganeura and Titanomyrma to eat and ultimately make cementing paste from them.

Once tamed to produce Cementing Paste, Achatina will need a continuous supply of food like Veggie Cake to produce the Achatina Paste which is very similar to Cementing Paste and can be used in place of Cementing Paste.

The rate of production is one Cementing Paste per minute which is rather slow. The location of all the Cementing Paste locations is marked with red dots in the map image below:

Cementing Paste is a useful resource used to craft many items such as

  • Fabricated Firearms
  • Auto Turret
  • Platform Saddles
  • Fabricated Explosives
  • Cannon
  • Canteen
  • Chain Bola
  • Compound Bow
  • Fabricator
  • Grappling Hook
  • Greenhouse Structures
  • Industrial Grill
  • Polymer
  • Elevator Structures
  • Metal Structures and Buildings
  • Metal Irrigation Pipes
  • Night Vision Goggles

Redwood Biome Location

The easiest way to find cementing paste anywhere on the Ark the Center map is to find beaver dams and inside them, you will find plenty of cementing paste hoarded by the beavers on top of other things like chitin, polymer, and wood.

This beaver dam location is located on the South side of the map inside the Redwood Biome. The Coordinates of the location are as below:

  • 97 LAT
  • 49 LON

Floating Island Location

Like the previous location, this location also features Beaver Dams from where you can easily collect Cementing Paste. Close to the Green Obelisk on the West side of the Ark the Center map, you can find the Floating Islands.

There is a lake in the middle of the Floating Island, and you can find plenty of beaver dams to collect the Cementing Paste. You can find the coordinates of the location below:

  • 39 LAT
  • 32 LON

Center Swamp Location

A little East of the Floating Island, there is another great location to find the beaver dam which is called Center Swamp. Beaver dams are always found inside any type of body of water whether it is a lake or a swamp. The coordinates for the center swamp location are as below:

  • 42 LAT
  • 49 LON

Center Island Location

There are a series of three islands that are situated close to each other west of Blue Obelisk called Center Islands.

Within each island, dozens of lakes house a bunch of beaver dams within each location. Latitudes for beaver dams location in Center Island are as below:

  • 52 LAT
  • 66 LON


  • 39 LAT
  • 70 LON

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