Ark Survival Evolved Otter Taming Guide

Go through this detailed guide to understand everything about taming an Otter in Ark Survival Evolved and its uses.

Otter is one of the many creatures you can find in the vast world of Ark Survival Evolved. It is very small in size and they have brown fur which makes them different and easy to spot. Otter likes to fish a lot and uses it for many purposes. This guide has all the details which will help you locate and tame Otter in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Otter Locations

Otter can be easily located in Ark Survival Evolved. This creature mostly spawns in the middle and southwest regions of the island. Below we have mentioned and shown the coordinates where Otter spawns more often.

Ark Survival Evolved Otter locations

Location 1

LAT:  41.5

LON: 67.3

Location 2

LAT:  57

LON: 27

Location 3

LAT:  79

LON: 23

Location 4

LAT:  72

LON: 70

How to Tame

There are multiple ways to tame an Otter in Ark Survival Evolved. The first way is by using Fish as bait to lure Otters. Killing larger fish and then using those fishes to tame otters is a very easy method to tame otter.  We recommend that you use Argentavis.

First, kill it and then fly directly above water to lure Otter. After that, when Otter grabs onto the fish, drag the otter with you and you will be able to easily tame the otter.

The second method is by using a different fish as bait. For this method, we recommend that you use Lasso, this way you’ll easily be able to attract Otter and then lure him in to tame him with ease.

The third method is by using a Grappling Hook. In this method, you must use the hook with a crossbow. Shoot the hook with a crossbow towards Otter and then drag this creature with you for a successful tame.

Lastly, you can also use Honey as bait to tame Otter as well. This way, you can easily lure Otter in because Otter like Honey, and you should use it to your advantage. Keep the honey near Otter and then tam him.

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