Ark Fjordur Argentavis Location and Taming

In this guide, we will explain the process of taming Argentavis in Ark Fjordur and give you locations to find this dino.

Every game has that one mechanic which attracts a large player base. Taming is that special feature in Ark Survival Evolved. With the release of the Fjordur expansion, it is time to go back to the wild and tame new and returning creatures. One such creature which will help you immensely in this new Fjord-inspired map is the Argentavis. In this guide, we will explain the process of taming Argentavis in Ark Fjordur and give you locations to find this dino.

Ark Fjordur Argentavis Location

Argentavis is also known as Argy, Argent, or Argen is a primitive eagle species that has been in Ark Survival Evolved since the base game and is one of the returning creatures on the Ark Fjordur map.

The aggressive and the ferocious Argentavis can be found all over the new Fjordur map but there are some places where you have high chances of encountering the wild bird.

Following are some coordinates where Argentavis can be found.

  • 0° Latitude, 34.2° Longitude
  • 1° Latitude, 10.0° Longitude
  • 8° Latitude, 51.4° Longitude
  • 0° Latitude, 86.0° Longitude
  • 4° Latitude, 85.5° Longitude

The above spots have the highest chances of nesting an Argentavis.

How to Tame Argentavis

You will need the following items to tame the Argentavis.


Taming Food

  • Superior Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat


  • Projectile weapons with the ability to increase Turpor. Tranq Arrows are highly useful


  • Narcotics or Narco Berries

To tame the Argentavis you will need some food so that you can make this bird not hate you anymore. Top of the list is the Superior Kibble. To make superior kibble, you will need the following items to make it.

  • 2x Citronal
  • 1x Prime Meat Jerky
  • 1x Large Egg
  • 2x Fiber
  • 2x Rare Mushroom
  • 1x Sap
  • Water

Raw Mutton can be obtained by harvesting Ovis and it helps a lot in the taming of wild animals. Raw Prime Meat can be obtained from harvesting corpses of larger creatures but be careful as it spoils faster as compared to other food items.

If you cook the Raw Prime Meat on a campfire or an industrial grill, you will be able to obtain Cooked Prime Meat. These four items are top of the list if you want to tame the Argentavis.

For traps, the easiest trap for this process will be the Dinosaur Gateway for the reason that it is very easy to set up and makes the whole process a whole lot easier. You will need the following items to make Dinosaur Gateway.

Although this is not a cheap trap but is worth the cost. Next up is how to do it. The Argentavis will not attack if you are standing at a reasonable distance but will become violent if you get too close.

Stand at a distance and fire a projectile-based weapon at it which will make the bird start chasing you. The Argy is a slow bird and can be outrun on foot. You can set up the trap beforehand.

The Trap will be made using 4 Dinosaur gateways placed at a distance that the Argy cannot escape the gap left between them. Then open all 4 doors. When the Argy is chasing you, run through the door, and at the exact moment, you exit the final door and close it behind you.

The Argy will try to pass through the gateways and then you can round around the other side and close the door. Once the Argentavis is stuck inside, you can start firing projectiles at it to knock it down.

Once it is knocked out, you can go and collect the food items and feed them to the bird. Little by little, the taming meter will go up, and once the meter is filled, the bird will be yours to keep.

You cannot force-feed them anything other than Narcoberries or Narcotics and if the Argentavis’s food supply drops, the taming meter will also go down, so make sure to have a steady supply of food.

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