Studio Wildcard: Sony “Won’t Allow” Cross-Platform Play For Ark Survival Evolved

Cross-Platform Play has been an interesting topic ever since it was introduced and while Microsoft is embracing it but, Sony is quite reluctant to the idea of Cross Play and Ark Survival Evolved devs have opened up about it. Ark Survival Evolved developer, Studio Wildcard, has revealed that they are ready to introduce Cross-Platform Play but, Sony won’t allow it.

While replying to a fan on Twitter Studio Wilcard co-founder and Ark Survival Evolved co-creative director Jeremy Stieglitz revealed that PC and Xbox One versions of Ark Survival Evolved might support Cross Play but, Sony won’t allow it for PS4.

This not the first time Sony has denied any developer to allow Cross-Platform Play between PS4 and other platforms as the studios such as CD Projekt Red and Psyonix wanted to introduce Cross Play between the consoles but Sony didn’t approve it.

According to Sony, the reason why the company won’t allow it is that the company is responsible for its install base and won’t be able to curate everything that kids might see during play.

On the other hand, Xbox has a different view about this functionality. According to Xbox VP Mike Ybarra, according to their data, players want to play with large multiplayer pools of people and it Cross-Play is here to stay.

Our data shows people want larger multiplayer pools of people to play with and the choice to play together. This isn’t going away.

While Microsoft is ready to embrace it but, Sony considers Cross-Platform Play a security risk for its console and PSN and Microsoft is quite critical of Sony’s logic behind not allowing it. According to Xbox head, Phil Spencer, the argument Sony is presenting is not healthy for the game industry. He added that user security is among Microsoft’s the top priorities.

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