Cross Platform Play Is Here To Stay And Isn’t Going Anywhere, Says Xbox VP

The idea of Cross Platform Play has been part of many discussion in the gaming community and Xbox has been very supportive of it.

The idea of Cross Platform Play has been part of many discussion in the gaming community ever since it was introduced and Microsoft has been very supportive of the idea that players on different platforms bring able to play with one another and one example of that was Cross-Play between PC and Xbox one for Gears Of War 4.

However, Sony on the other hand, is quite reluctant of the idea but, according to Microsoft, Cross Platform Play is here to stay in the game industry and isn’t going anywhere. Xbox VP Mike Ybarra said in his Twitter post that according to their data, players want to play with large multiplayer pools of people.

Our data shows people want larger multiplayer pools of people to play with and the choice to play together. This isn’t going away.

While Microsoft is ready to embrace it but, Sony considers Cross Platform Play a security risk for its console and PSN and Microsoft is quite critical of Sony’s logic behind not allowing it. According to Xbox head, Phil Spencer, the argument Sony is presenting is not healthy for the game industry. He added that user security is among Microsoft’s the top priorities.

He added that Microsoft is still looking forward to working with Sony to bring Cross Platform Play to Minecraft and assured that user safety is very important for Microsoft’s team.

There have been many instances in the last year where developers wanted to introduce Cross Platform Play to their games but, Sony Interactive Entertainment didn’t allow it. According to developer Psyonix, all they needed was Sony’s approval to implement the Cross Platform Play to Rocket League.

We are hopeful that sooner or later Sony will see the potential of Cross-Play and will allow players to play multiplayer games with players on other platforms.

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