Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Locations

This guide highlights the location of all types of Wyvern Eggs in Ark Scorched Earth to make it easy for you to collect them.

Wyvern Eggs are important items in Ark Scorched Earth that add nutritional value to the cooking recipes. There are four types of Wyvern eggs: Ice, lightning, poison, and fire. The eggs are very nourishing and can be eaten or used to make exceptional kibble for taming.

These eggs can be acquired from Wyvern nests; however, this will alarm the Wyverns resulting in an ambush. The player must be fully prepared before stealing the egg. The Wyverns randomly drop their eggs as well.

The mating of two Wyverns can produce an egg that can be hatched into a baby Wyvern. This guide highlights the location of all types of Wyvern Eggs in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Location

The map shown below highlights the Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Location:

Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Locations

All types of Wyvern eggs are located in World Scar in Ark Scorched Earth. World Scar is a DLC location and is the home of the Wyverns. Proceed to 70 LAT and 20 LON to find yourself at the mountain’s base. All along this side of the map is the World Scar loaded with Wyvern nests.

In this region, there will be a long trench identifiable by the columns of black basalt around the outside of the trench and a red glowing lava river at its bottom.


The temperature rises as you proceed near the lake; therefore, be careful while exploring the trench. In the trench, look out for the little areas in the rocks to find the eggs. Move along the length of the trench to find different types of Wyvern Eggs.

In the World Scar location, the player will find numerous small spaces with Wyvern nests. Depending on the nest, you will find the type of the Wyvern egg. The egg’s color can help identify its element from a distance: Red for fire, Blue for lightning, and Green for poison.

It is very ill-advised to steal a Wyvern Egg unless you have planned your escape from the location. As soon as you pick the egg, the Wyverns will come straight down at you from above. Alpha Fire Wyverns spawn at the location as well. The Alphas make the other Wyverns more aggressive and powerful. Proceeding the trench on a fast flyer with lots of stamina is highly recommended.

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