How to Get Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth

This guide talks about farming Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth and how you can collect it from a female wyvern.

Wyvern milk is used to feed the baby Wyverns in Ark Scorched Earth. It provides nutrition for the babies to grow up and can be collected from the inventory. This guide talks about farming Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth and how you can collect it from a female wyvern.

How to Farm Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth

When a Wyvern is growing up, the baby will only drink milk and won’t take any meat for edibles. You can get this item only when you kill a female Wyvern. Soon after killing it, you can find 5 Wyvern milk in your inventory. Do collect the item quickly when the dragon is still unconscious. If it wakes up and you haven’t collected the Wyvern Torpor, all of it will be wasted.

You can again attack the same female Wyvern and still get milk, but you must wait for one hour between the two attacks. It is possible to contain a maximum of 50 Wyvern milk in the inventory of the Alpha Wyvern but do note that the spoil times will be as of a normal inventory.

You should know beforehand that the tamed Wyvern will not be able to produce milk. When fed to the baby, Wyvern milk will give the baby an energy value of 1200. This milk can also be stored in the refrigerator.

It can also be consumed by humans as well. This will give energy to them. The food value for the milk is 100, the health value will also increase by 100, and the milk spoils in about 30 minutes.

Wyvern Traps

You might have ideas about holding the female Wyvern in a trap so you could knock her anytime and get the milk. Do note that once the Wyvern gets conscious, they will teleport back to the trench. With this info, it should be easy for you to capture a female wyvern and obtain milk from her in Ark Scorched Earth.


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