Ark Scorched Earth Thorny Dragon Location and Taming

A guide that will teach you where to find the thorny dragon in Ark Scorched Earth, how to tame it and what makes it the best wood gatherer.

Thorny Dragon is an amazing Dino that you would love to have in Ark Scorched Earth. This Dino will be your best wood gatherer on the Scorched Earth map. This guide will cover all the details on where to find Thorny Dragon and how to tame this creature in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Thorny Dragon Location

Thorny Lizard can be found throughout the Ark Scorched Earth map. But still, some of the best places where you can find high-level Thorny Lizard can be seen on the map below.

  • 4°Latitude, 49.9°Longitude
  • 8° Latitude, 47.0° Longitude
  • 3° Latitude, 50.1° Longitude

While coming to tame the Thorny Dragon in Ark Scorched Earth, it is recommended to get the upgraded longnecks and crossbows. These weapons will make the taming process a lot easier for you.

How to Tame Thorny Dragon

The food you will need to tame the Thorny Dragon in Ark Scorched Earth is given below.

  • Prime Meat
  • Raw Meat

Meat is an essential thing for taming Thorny Lizard. Once the Dino is under your control, you will need the meat to complete the taming process. Now to get the Thorny Dragon under control, first of all, try to stand at a place that is a little high from the ground, usually a big stone.

Standing at a high place will protect you from Thorny Lizard close-range attacks, which are more dangerous. Shooting the Dino will be much easier for you from a high place, and the taming process will get much easier.

Thorny Dragon health pool is not that big, so after a few tranquilizer darts, this Dino is knocked out, and you can start the taming process. While starting the taming process, you must wait for a few minutes, so the dragon gets starved.

The taming time will significantly reduce if you feed it after a few minutes of wait. Transfer the Prime and raw Meat to its inventory after a few minutes, and the beast will be tamed successfully.

Once tamed, Thorny Dragon can be very useful as it can do anything you want. You can use it in battle, and at higher levels, it can take a lot of damage.

Using its amazing melee abilities, you can take out other creatures. If you play wisely, you can take out a Rex with Thorny Dragon.

Best Wood Gatherer

Thorny Lizard is best at gathering the wood in Ark Scorched Earth. Not just wood, it is an amazing gatherer for different materials like stone, fiber, and Thatch.

The reason is that you will get a 50% weight reduction while carrying items like wood and stone and an 80% weight reduction while carrying other items mentioned above.

It means the amount of woods you can carry using Thorny Lizard will double that of other mounts.

You can quickly tame a couple of thorny Dragons to gather a large amount of wood and other mentioned resources. The build and craft will be much faster if you have some Thorny Lizards.

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