Ark Scorched Earth Sand Locations

Please read this guide to learn where to harvest sand in Ark Scorched Earth, including all the different ways to harvest it.

Sand is the most common resource in Ark Scorched Earth to craft clay. The clay is then used to build vital things like Adobe Structures. You can also craft useful items like a boomerang from the sand. Please read this guide to learn where to harvest sand in Ark Scorched Earth, including all the different ways to harvest it.

Ark Scorched Earth Sand Locations

Sand is a type of resource that is among the most common resources in Ark Scorched Earth. You can easily harvest them from the yellow stone. These stones are found throughout the Ark Scorched Earth map.

Once you have located the stone that you want the sand from. Use tools like a Pick or Stone Hatchet to break stones and harvest the sand from the big stones. The cons of harvesting sand from the stone are that it will be mixed with other materials like flint and sandstone.

Because Ark Scorched Earth is mostly a desert biome, that is why sand is very common there. You can easily pick the sand from the ground with the help of a Whip. The whip can be crafted from the engram at level 15 with silk. You can harvest decent units of sand with the help of this method.

Another way you can easily collect sand is by going out in a sandstorm. This will automatically add sand to your inventory. The Sandstorms in Ark Scorched Earth usually last between two minutes. There is a decent amount of sand that you can collect from this method.

The last and the easiest way to harvest sand is by taming creatures like Doedicurus or Mantis. Then add a saddle and tools like a Hatchet equipt or slingshot. The saddle of Doedicurus can be unlocked at level 30. Lastly, feed your Doedicurus with the berries and then wait for him to harvest all the sand.

Once you are on the Doedicurus, approach the rock you want to harvest and press the attack button on the console. Doedicurus will do a tail whip-style attack on the rocks to break and harvest the sand.

Uses of Sand

Sand is used to crafting clay, a key material in building Adobe Structures. Adobe Structures are vital in cooling down players in Ark Scorched Earth.

You can also craft boomerangs from the sand used to tame different creatures in the game. You can also craft the following items from sand in Ark Scorched Earth:

  • Boomerang
  • Clay
  • Mirror
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