Ark Scorched Earth Rare Flower Locations Guide

This guide will make it much simpler for players to find and collect Rare Flower resources in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth is a paid expansion of Ark Survival Evolved, where Rare Flowers are one of the vital resources. As it is nearly impossible to ace this game without resources, thus all players try to gather them as soon as possible. This guide will make it much simpler for players to find and collect Rare Flower resources in Ark Scorched Earth.

Rare flowers are crafting materials that can be used to make fertilizers. Lystosauras, Moschops, Microraptors, and Giant Bee are just a few of the dinosaurs that can be tamed with rare flowers. The greatest application for rare flowers is their Pheromone Dart-like effect. If the player has this flower, Dino’s attack on them will be slowed down.

Players in Ark Scorched Earth can collect rare flowers from the pink and purple-colored blooms that surround the obelisks. Creatures often specialize in berry farming are good for gathering rare flowers. Players should remember that on Scorched Earth, white flowers are ideal for rare flowers typically located in the Oasis area. Players won’t need to harvest themselves because morellatops will take care of it.

Ark Scorched Earth Rare Flower Locations

Farming by hand is the first method to farm rare flowers in ARK SCORCHED EARTH. Undoubtedly, this is the simplest way, but it also cannot be disregarded that it is the slowest. Dinosaurs can be utilized to grow rare flowers; however, the dinosaur must focus on berry gathering. Most dinosaurs have an extremely slow speed, which is why this procedure is the slowest. Having a Quetzal that can transport dinosaurs to rare flowers is the only way to overcome their slow pace.

Moschops are the second way to obtain rare flowers. They gain an advantage just by specializing in gathering rare flowers. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that Moschops are a decent choice if you wish to collect rare flowers.

Getting assistance from Therizinosaur is the greatest way to acquire rare blooms. They quickly gather large quantities. By utilizing a fiber-gathering assault, Therizinosaur can collect rare flowers.


To harvest Rare flowers, players can always collect a lot of them by taking the Therizinosaur to the swamp biome and having it wander down the coast where there are lots of cattail reeds. They can then use their berry gathering attack to pick the flowers.

Location 1 ( Top of Mountains)

The first location where players can find a lot of rare flowers is at the following coordinates :

LAT 33.8

LON 78.6

This site is on a mountaintop. To farm these rare flowers, players must hunt for red plants. Because hand farming is not feasible in these areas, Therasinosauras can be utilized for this.

Location 2 ( Snowny Area

The second location where players can find rare flowers is at the following coordinates :

LAT 22.5

LON 53.7

This location is basically in a snowy area. Find snowy bushes. Players may try to harvest rare flowers by hand, but to save time, it’s better to utilize Therasinosaurus as you may get nothing by hand.

Location 3 (Swamp Area)

The best location to find rare flowers is at the following coordinates :

LAT 46.8

LON  87.2

This is a swamp area, and players will find this whole island full of rare flowers. Don’t forget to use thersinosaurus here too.

Location 4 ( Thicket Area )

Another place where rare flowers can be found is at

LAT 48.0

LON 87.0

Players will see a lot of bushes there; moving your hand around will get you Fibre, so use Thersinosauras.

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