Ark Scorched Earth Metal Locations

Metal is a key resource in ARK Scorched Earth. Many different tools and structures can be crafted from it, but most require ingots to be created. In this guide, we have shortlisted the locations in which Metal is found in abundance in Ark Scorched Earth. We’ll also be taking a detailed look at the different uses of Metal.

Ark Scorched Earth Metal Locations

Many types of rocks can be mined in Ark Scorched Earth to obtain Metal. Normal rocks have a low yield of Metal, but you can get it from them. The metal content of certain rocks is a lot higher. Rocks made of Metal have a smoother surface and look golden. Mountaintops, caves, rivers, coves, and deep-water sources are usually places where metal rock density is higher.

Metal Ingots are essential crafting ingredients that can be made using a Refining Forge, Magmasaur, Phoenix, or Industrial Forge. It takes 20 seconds to make one Metal Ingot in the Refining Forge, but in the Industrial Forge, it takes 1 second.

You can craft many items using metal. These items include an Alarm Clock, Ammo Box, ARK Anniversary Surprise Cake, Compass, Dodo Cultivator Bit, Feeding Trough, Halo Headband Skin, Heart-shaped Shield Skin, Ichthyosaurus Saddle, Love Shackles Skin, Metal Ingot, Navigation Kit,  Toilet, Tripwire Alarm Trap, and Wooden Table.

Metal is found in abundance in Ark Scorched Earth. Below we have shortlisted the best coordinates where you can find and farm this resource.

Ark Scorched Earth Metal Locations

Location 1

LAT: 20.2 LON: 27.9

Location 2

LAT: 32.4 LON: 26.1

Location 3

LAT: 43.7 LON: 24.3

Location 4

LAT: 54.7 LON: 35.7

Location 5

LAT: 66.0 LON: 32.9

Location 6

LAT: 73.4 LON: 48.2

Location 7

LAT: 80.4  LON: 64.7

Location 8

LAT: 62.2 LON: 65.5

Location 9

LAT: 50.2 LON: 66.2

Location 10

LAT: 35.0 LON: 71.3

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