Ark Scorched Earth Rock Elemental Location and Taming

This is a detailed guide that explains where to find the Rock Elemental monster in Ark Scorched Earth and also teaches you how to tame it.

In Ark Scorched Earth, you’ll come across a giant rock monster from an unidentified age known as the Rock Elemental that lives off minerals and is fiercely protective of its area. Rock Elementals are often concealed from view and camouflaged as rocks as they wait for anyone to enter their region so they may destroy it.

While players and their tames might be unaware of the Rock Elemental’s existence, they will be assaulted immediately if they get too close. When the Rock Elemental determines that the object has moved far enough away to be secure, it will stop pursuing it and return to its resting form.

In Ark Survival Evolved, the Rock Elemental is a part of the animals available. It may be found on the maps Fjordur, Lost Island, Crystal Isles, Genesis Part 1, Genesis Part 2, Ragnarok, Extinction, Scorched Earth, and Valguero.

If you are interested in taming a Rock Elemental of your own in Ark Scorched Earth and building a mobile base on its back, this guide will provide you with its location on the Scorched Earth map and explain how to tame the Rock Elemental.

Ark Scorched Earth Rock Elemental Location

Rock Elementals are typically located in mountainous regions of the Scorched Earth map, containing rocks that look identical to theirs. If you are a beginner player, I strongly advise staying away from this location.

The spawn map for Rock Elemental is given below:


Ark Scorched Earth Rock Elemental Location and Taming

How to Tame Rock Elemental

The Rock Elemental is not as knocked as other monsters and could only be knocked by headshots from projectiles like cannonballs and rockets. Make sure to strike the animal in the head to avoid doing too much harm that might ultimately result in death instead of just knocking it unconscious.

The untamable Rubble Golem, effectively a mini variant of the Rock Elemental, is another possible variant of the Rock Elemental.

If you want to tame the Rock Elemental, you should defeat it. You must use explosives or cannonballs to damage it because it won’t withstand damage from normal methods.

Having a tribe member mount a Paracer with a platform saddle, and a cannon is an excellent way to reliably take one out. The Rock Elemental may then be shot at, causing it to pursue you while you hit it with the cannon projectiles.

Build a cage around the Rock Elemental to imprison it while you may safely fire upon it if you do not yet have accessibility to a Paracer or a tribe mate.

If you come across a Rock Elemental in Ark Scorched Earth, you must use 22 rockets or 5 cannon rounds to strike a 30-rank Rock Elemental. In reality, employing kibble would result in a taming time of roughly 15 minutes. It favors kibble that originates from the mantis.

If you don’t have kibble and wish to make life harder on yourself, you can use Sulfur. For a taming time of around 5 hours, 300 units of Sulfur are required. If you wish for a simpler experience, getting the kibble is effective in this situation.

Following is the list of foods you can use to tame your Rock Elemental:

  • Sulfur
  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Stone
  • Clay

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