Ark Ragnarok Crystal Locations

We’ve put together a guide that will help you find and farm Crystal in Ark Ragnarok as quickly as possible.

Crystal can be used to make electronic parts, lenses, fabricators, explosive mixtures, and many other important items in Ark Ragnarok. This is why locating and farming this resource is quite important at both the early and late stages of your adventure.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you find and farm Crystal in Ark Ragnarok as quickly as possible. This guide also discusses the different methods you can use to farm Crystal.

Ark Ragnarok Crystal Locations

In Ark Ragnarok, Crystals are best collected using a metal pick or by specific species; stone picks can also be used. They are available through the mining of white crystals.

It can be obtained in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:

  1. White crystals can be mined to obtain them. A Magmasaur, Anky, and Tek Stryder, among many other dinosaurs, can also be used to gather white crystals.
  2. Utilizing Dino is the alternative strategy. The lunar biome in Genesis is the best place to acquire crystal by harvesting the crystal bushes with a Bronto; this can be improved even more with a partner riding a Deinonychus since that animal can jump regardless of the rider’s weight.

Finding a location, traveling there, and collecting crystal is all that is required to gather it. Not much hustle is required.

All of the areas on the Ark Ragnarok map where players can discover crystals are listed here. Keep in mind that it is best to search for crystals at night because they all glow then.


Ark Ragnarok Crystal Locations map

Location #1

The first location is actually at Early game vein. The Gps coordinates are :

Lat 20.0

Lon 26.0

Location #2

The second location where players can go and collect crystals is the volcano motherload.

Lat 32.1

Lon 55.8

Location #3

The third location that is Volcano sparse is at the following coordinates :

Lat 25.8

Lon 69.1

Location #4

The fourth location is near the hidden Highlands.

Lat 19.8

Lon 78.3

Location #5

The fifth location where players can find Crystals is at the following coordinates:

Lat 30.3

Lon 34.8

It is an Ice Cave but a small one.

Location #6

Ice Cabe Large is the sixth location that is at:

Lat 30.9

Lon 37.6

Location #7

The seventh location is a water town and the coordinates are:

Lat 38.8

Lon 45.2

Location #8

The eighth location is a Desert Cliff located at:

Lat 77.9

Lon 78.2

Location #9

The last location to find Crystal is Desert Waterfall. This location is at the following coordinates:

Lat 55.0

Lon 57.2

Location #10

The last location to find Crystal in a sparse vein, the account details are as follows:

Lat 54.5

Lon 47.4

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