Ark Lost Island Wyvern Eggs Location

Wyverns Eggs are important items in Ark Lost Island that add nutritional value to the cooking recipes. There are four types of Wyvern eggs: Ice, lightning, poison, and fire. The eggs have excellent nutrition, so they can be eaten or used to make exceptional kibble. These eggs can be acquired from Wyvern nests; however, this will alarm the Wyverns resulting in an ambush. The Wyverns randomly drop their eggs as well.

This guide highlights the location of all types of Wyvern Eggs in Ark Lost Island so you can effortlessly find and collect them.

Ark Lost Island Wyvern Eggs Location

The map shown below highlights the Ark Lost Island Wyvern Eggs Location:

Ark Lost Island Wyvern Egg Locations

Ice Wyvern Egg

Ice Wyvern Egg is located in the snow biome area of the map. Proceed to 32 LAT and 39 LON to find yourselves a deep trench. Ice Wyvern is all over the trench, and you will find the eggs there.

Remember to check the side room at the back of the trench to find more Ice Wyvern nests. This location is very tough as the strong Ice Wyvern would ambush the player with their ice breaths and hard bites.

Lightning, Poison, and Fire Wyvern Eggs

Lightning, Poison, and Fire Wyvern Eggs can be found at one location. Travel to the trench between the snow biome and the left side of the volcano. Proceed to 30.7 LAT and 61.4 LON to find the trench.

This trench is much longer than the one located in the ice biome. This location is very deadly because of the fierce attacks of the wyverns protecting their nests. Be careful of the poison breath of the Poison Wyvern. This breath will kill you instantly; therefore, always be ready to dodge it.

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