Ark Lost Island Silk Locations

A detailed guide that goes over the uses and locations of Silk in Ark Lost Island to make it convenient for you to farm it.

Silk is an essential resource obtained from moth creatures in Ark Lost Island. It is very useful in desert biomes and is used to craft equipment such as tents, whips, and desert armor. Silk is primarily extracted by hunting down animals such as Lymantria or by harvesting small white and purple flowers. This guide highlights the Silk locations in the game and how they can be farmed.

Ark Lost Island Silk Locations

Silk is obtained by killing animals like Lymantria. Equipment required for this is a Sabertooth or an iron beak. Silk can be harvested from white and purple flowers as well. Utilizing a chainsaw or hatchet for cutting the flowers can result in greater Silk yields.

One of the best locations to farm Silk is the North-West Desert, which contains excessive white and purple flowers. The spawn rate of the Lymantria is also high. The map shown below highlights the best locations to farm Silk in Ark Lost Island:

Ark Lost Island Silk Locations


The first Silk farming location in Ark Lost Island is at the following coordinates:

  • 4 LAT
  • 9 LON


The best location for Silk farming is at the following coordinates:

  • 1 LAT
  • 8 LON

The player will find a lake at these coordinates with numerous Silk flowers scattered around it. Extract lots of Silk from this location. Another reason for this to be the best Silk farming location is because Lymantria spawns around it everywhere. Kill them to get Silk. Another important tip for Silk Farming is to cut the flowers using a chainsaw or hatchet to get Silk in greater quantities.

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