Ark Lost Island Cactus Sap Locations

We've written this guide to help you find all the cactus sap locations and farming methods in Ark Lost Island.

Cactus Sap is one of the most crucial resources in Ark Lost Island. Finding the resources is the key to winning this game since on Ark Lost Island, without them, nothing can be accomplished. Some resources are fairly simple to gather, yet many are also quite difficult. This article will help players to locate Cactus Sap throughout the map of Ark Lost Island.

The fact that cactus sap offers a decent substitute for drinking water in many situations where water is not accessible can be used to interpret the significance of cactus sap in Ark Lost Island. Apart from its use as water, it can also be used as food and for other secondary resources like cactus broth and propellant.

Throughout the Ark Lost Island map, there are many places from where Cactus Sap can be obtained. However, it’s easiest to get to Mid Northern Desert and locate it. Players of Ark Lost Island will enjoy finding Cactus Sap in large quantities at Lat 78.0 and Lon 64.9. However, this is just one location; let’s see the other ways to obtain Cactus Sap.

Ark Lost Island Cactus Sap Locations

In Ark Lost Island, you can never get poked by the Cactus. A location called “Mining Drill” will give great volumes of Cactus Sap. Wyverns get you a lot of sap with little work by simply flapping their wings. In the desert biome of this map, the Cactus can be harvested with only the player’s fists.

Players can harvest smaller Cactus easily with hands; however, a Hatchet or Chainsaw is required for larger cacti. Let’s see all the locations where cactus saps are farmed.

Ark Lost Island Cactus Sap Locations


Method 1

Finding cactus trees throughout the desert is the first step in the approach. Don’t worry; plenty of them are spread all across the desert. Once you’ve arrived, look for cactus trees with hair on the side. The ideal approach to farm is with the use of a chain saw if the tree is large. Another option is to use a mining drill, which is a bit chaotic.

Location 1

The first Cactus sap farming spot in Ark Lost Island is located in the desert at the following coordinates:

LAT 78.2

LON 65.3

Location 2

The second cactus sap location in the desert is at the following coordinates :

LAT: 86.5

LON: 60.9

Location 3

The third cactus sap location is at the following coordinates :

LAT: 81.0

LON: 44.2

Method 2

In the second method, we will head toward the redwoods cactus sap locations. Location doesn’t matter because this area is filled with the trees we are seeking for. However, the location where redwoods are found is depicted in the photo below.

Ark Lost Island Cactus Sap Locations

Find a good tree first, then construct a platform for yourself in the tree. The sap tap should then be placed all around the trees. Just collect it because the quest will fail.

Remember that only large chopper trees can accommodate these sap taps; slender trees cannot.

After putting sap taps around, wait. It will turn you into a sap if you wait for ten minutes.

Therefore, you will receive a great chunky load of sap if you visit the tree every few hours.


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