Ark Lost Island Blue Gems Locations

A detailed guide that talks about the rare Blue Gems resource in Ark Lost Island and pinpoints its exact locations for your convenience.

Blue Gems are rare resources in Ark Lost Island and have unique properties to boost the structural integrity of items. They are used for crafting various items such as Tek Gear, suits and gloves, etc. Unlike the Black Gems, the blue ones are located only on Land. This article highlights the Blue Gems locations and how they can be farmed.

Ark Lost Island Blue Gems Locations

Blue gems are located on Land, so the player doesn’t need to explore the ocean bed to find this resource. These resources are used in crafting, for they strengthen the structural integrity of a material. Here is a list of items that can be crafted using the Blue Gems:

  • Glider Suit Skin
  • Hazard Suit Boots
  • Hazard Suit Gloves
  • Hazard Suit Hat
  • Hazard Suit Pants
  • Hazard Suit Shirt
  • Karkinos Saddle
  • Metal Cliff Platform
  • Pliers
  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin

They are very rare, but one location is where Blue Gems can be farmed. The map marks the farming location:

Ark Lost Island Blue Gems

South-East Cave

Blue Gems are located at Lat 55.6 and Long 70.8 in the South-East Cave of Ark Lost Island. South-East Cave is huge with a very cool ship in the middle. They are scattered throughout the cave, mostly towards the bottom. This is the only location on the map where these gems can be farmed. Hit the shining blue rocks in the South-East Cave to farm the blue gems.

Now that you know where blue gems are located in Ark Lost Island, you can go and grab them to start working on your Hazard Suit and venture into the more challenging and dangerous areas of the map.

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