Ark lost Island Beaver Dam Locations Guide

Castoroides in Ark Lost Island built the Giant Beaver Dam. They are around the dimensions of a 1x1x1 building and can spawn both on the ground and in water. If a player approaches one, the wild giant beaver turns aggressive. This guide will pinpoint all Beaver Dam locations in Ark Lost Island.

The following items are often present in great amounts in giant beaver dams, making them extremely valuable when discovered.

  • Wood
  • Rare Flower
  • Cementing Paste
  • Rare Mushroom
  • Silica Pearls

Ark Lost Island Beaver Dams Locations

The coordinates for the precise areas on the map where beaver dams could be discovered are shown below. Dams can show up anyplace close to where wild Castoroides spawn. A wild Beaver will not spawn any dams if it is moved to another area.

A region on Ragnarok called the Beaver Sanctuary is noteworthy because it has 2 genuine real beaver dams with assured spawning and three distinctive beaver homes.

Beaver dams can be farmed at the following locations in Ark Lost Island:

Location #1

On the southeast shore, a beaver dam will be there. This Beaver Dam can be farmed at the following coordinates:

  • 57.9 LAT
  • 68.6 LON

Location #2

Three little islands may be seen where the rivers join the ocean in the bottom right corner of the map. One of the Beaver Dams can be farmed in Ark Lost Island at the following coordinates:

  • 62 LAT
  • 66 LON

Location #3

A lake close to the snow castle is the second location for farming Beaver Dam, which lies at the base of the waterfalls. One of the Beaver Dams can be farmed at the following coordinates:

  • 32 LAT
  • 32 LON

Location #4

The lake below the twin waterfalls, close to the Monkey Temple, is where you’ll discover the biggest beaver dams. One of the Beaver Dams can be farmed at the following coordinates:

  • 23 LAT
  • 39 LON

Location #5

One of the Beaver Dams can be farmed in Ark Lost Island at the following coordinates:

  • 31.3 LAT
  • 34.8 LON

How to Farm Cementing Paste

Cement paste is a crucial crafting component found throughout different locations on Ark Lost Island. Without cementing paste, nothing could be constructed, not even turrets or raised platforms. Due to its value, many tribes utilize cement paste as their main form of payment.

There are many ways to get cementing paste from nature, but the only ideal is to scavenge beaver dams. We have mentioned all the ways to farm Cementing Paste in Ark Lost Island below:

  • Make a well-tamed Beelzebufo eat Meganuera and Titanomyrma that it converts into a Cement Paste. The Artifact of the Immune Cave is a great place for this.
  • You can farm Cement Paste from the Giant Beaver Dam in huge amounts while ensuring you don’t get attacked by the hostile beavers. Don’t try to eliminate the hostile beavers while farming Cement paste, as it decreases the chances of spawning beaver dams.
  • Cement Paste can be substituted with Achatina Paste. The tamed Achatina inventory contains Achatina Paste, which may be obtained over time. Each minute, one paste is produced, with a max storage capacity of 100. Also, occasionally, Wild Achatina will drop paste on the ground. On the little islands in the lower right corner of the Ark Lost Island map, you may find Achatina paste.

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