Best Base Locations in Ark Lost Island

We came up with this detailed guide to help you find some of the best base locations in Ark Lost Island for you to choose from.

The Ark Lost Island map gives you a variety of promising locations to set up your base in, and we’ll take a look at some of the best locations in the game. Several factors must be considered before deciding to settle at a spot.

Your first and foremost concern is safety. Choosing a safe location to build your base will help protect you from dangerous predators and creatures and avoid the hassle of dying repeatedly and making runs back to recover your items. It would also protect your dinosaurs from being attacked or dying.

Another important consideration is the easy accessibility to resources. A nearby food supply is important, though you can obtain food fairly easily, and surviving off berries, which are quite readily available everywhere, is also possible.

Quick access to Water, Oil, and Metal is crucial; unlike food, they are hard to come by. Choosing a base location near these resources will save you the torture of endless runs carrying these heavy necessities.

These factors are similar when choosing the ideal location for both PvE and PvP bases. So, considering all these factors, the following guide will look into the 10 best locations for making your PvE base.

Best Base Locations in Ark Lost Island

Best Base Locations in Ark Lost Island


The map shows the general locations for the 10 best spots for building your base in Ark Lost Island.

Location #1

Latitude: 29.8

Longitude: 32.2

This is the perfect base location for early game PvE bases, especially if you are a fan of making castle bases. This spot has tons of free space to expand your base and sits in a unique snow biome. However, you will need to find ways to tackle the cold.

Resources are abundant nearby, and if you need to get some, all you need to do is take a hike down the slope, and you’re good.

The base is also relatively safe sitting on top of the cliff, but its uniqueness makes this location shine.

Location #2

Latitude: 20.2

Longitude: 24.0

These coordinates will lead you to a giant Lighthouse. Building your base here will give you access to a massive area, not to mention allowing you to overlook the whole island from a high spot.

There is tons of buildable space in this structure, allowing you to make plenty of cool platform builds and if that still isn’t enough, there is a huge cave below the lighthouse where you can expand.

Location #3

Latitude: 58.9

Longitude: 25.6

This location is different from the other two and is a massive plain area. It’ll give you a huge space to make everything to your requirement, and it sits on top of a mountain reducing the risk of attacking predators and allowing you to log off without concern.

This spot lies in the center of this island section, so there is easy access to plenty of resources, especially Metal, from the nearby metal mountain.

You also have plenty of trees in the area, so you can choose these resources and build a huge platform section extending outwards from the cliff.

Location #4

Latitude: 42.1

Longitude: 53.7

These coordinates are for a huge castle sitting on an island. You will have plenty of pre-built walls, saving you time and resources.

The island and castle area are huge, so it’ll give you free roam to build your base as you desire. Remember that since the area is so huge, you would need to build structures to block off dinosaur spawns. You can build towers in each corner to act as huge posts.

This is a forest area where a variety of stuff can grow, including rare flowers. Resources are also readily available nearby, making this an ideal base location.

Location #5

Latitude: 20.9

Longitude: 43.2

This base location is at the Aztec temple structures, which give you loads of building room and natural walls to build cool structures like natural pathways.

You also have a neat amount of resources nearby, with plenty of Beaver Dams. You can safely access a few pre-built rooms to develop any structure you want.

You can’t go through the windows in the rooms, allowing you to convert them into perfect Raising rooms for your dinosaurs.

Location #6

Latitude: 12.2

Longitude: 60.4

This location differs from the others, where you take over an entire island to set base.

You will be surrounded by water. Though resources won’t be as easy to get, you can build something unique in this huge area available to you.

This location will have a variety of land, including flat areas, high areas, or pried rocks going outwards toward the sea so you can make separate isolated zones in your base.

This island setting makes it difficult for predators to get to you, plus it is excellent for raising both your water and land dinosaurs. There are larger and smaller channel sections where both large and small dinos can rest.

Location #7

Latitude: 36.2

Longitude: 72.5

Another unique location this an edge of an island section. The land here consists of both plain and raised sections, and once you gate of the area below, you’ll have a massive area to build a base over.

There is also room for expansion later by building off the raised section of rocks. There is plenty of stuff nearby since you are somewhat in the middle of the map; everything like mountains and deep oceans is relatively close by.

You will also be surrounded by water, making it easier to rest water creatures.

Location #8

Latitude: 79.3

Longitude: 74.0

Another island location, however, this one is a massive, scorched earth section. You will have smaller islands ahead to expand into and raised earth sections in the middle to erect structures.

You can build massive walls here and fend off dangerous dinosaurs.

Resources like Metal and obsidian are sufficiently present; finding wood may be a little difficult.

Location #9

Latitude: 68.6

Longitude: 76.0

Yet another island location. This area will have tons of megachelon spawns. You will also easily access metal crystals, stone, water, and wood resources.

Tames will be difficult to come by, but you will have a huge space to build cool structures for your base.

Location #10

Latitude: 36.2

Longitude: 64.0

This location is excellent for building a base. You will find tons of black pearl spawns near you. There will also be a red drop spawn right inside your base.

The area also has a waterfall with a cave behind it, allowing you to expand inside should you need to. Considering the massive and deep lake area, you could even raise a ridiculous number of dinosaurs here.

You will also find a secluded area with geysers making this a unique location to set base.

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