Ark Lost Island Amargasaurus Location and Taming

Amargasaurus is one of the three new creatures that came with the Ark Lost Island expansion pack. Amargasaurus is an...

Amargasaurus is one of the three new creatures that came with the Ark Lost Island expansion pack. Amargasaurus is an aggressive creature that belongs to the Sauropod family. Players love to tame Amargasaurus, so we prepared this guide for you so you can find all the details about the Amargasaurus Location and Taming in Ark Lost Island.

Ark Lost Island Amargasaurus Location

Amargasaurus cannot be found in a specific location as it continues to travel. The best places to look for this creature are Volcanic and Ice biomes.

Amargasaurus usually travel in a group of three and throw conditions, causing spikes at you if you get too close to them. Taming that creature in Ark Lost Island wouldn’t be that difficult if you came prepared with all the required materials.

How to Tame Amargasaurus

For taming Amargasaurus, you must ensure that you have the following items.

  • Insulating Armor
  • Calien Soup
  • Berries
  • Sweet Veggie Cake

All these items served different purposes in taming the Amargasaurus in Ark Lost Island. Before approaching the creature, you have to ensure you are wearing the Insulating Armor.

After that, you will need to consume the Calien Soup so that your temperature sync with the Dino. Now you are ready to approach the Amargasaurus for taming.


Once you get close enough to the Amargasaurus, you will see a blue prompt. Press the E button to feed the Amargasaurus. You will need to provide Amargasaurus with berries.

After doing that, you will become their herd member, and they even start to follow you. Now all you have to do is stick as close to the Amargasaurus as possible and protect it from others.

If you get away from Amargasaurus, you will lose the taming effectiveness. While defending it, you must ensure you don’t hit it. Because if you do, they will also become aggressive towards you.

Continue killing more dinosaurs with your herd to increase the taming bar. You should also keep some Sweet Veggie Cake to heal the Amagasaurus when needed.

Alternate Taming Method

Another method you can try to tame Amargasaurus quite easily is to trap it inside a cage-type structure. Once an Amargasaurus is trapped, you will get complete control over its activity. Total control means the taming process will be a lot easier.

Once you have a tamed Amargasaurus, you can use it for traveling to some place quickly and taking out enemies using its spikes attacks.

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