Ark Genesis: Part 2 Weapons And Armor Guide

This guide outlines all the different weapon and armor types available in Ark Genesis Part 2 and their various applications.

In Ark Genesis part 2, you will need to fight a variety of hostile creatures and bosses to progress. By using bare hands, you can sometimes find it unfair and challenging to fight these creatures. Luckily, Ark Genesis part 2 offers a wide variety of weapons and armor.

This guide outlines all the different weapon and armor types available to the players in-game and their various applications.

Which weapons and armors are the best in Ark Genesis part 2?

Jar of Pitch

Genesis: Part 2 contains a Jar of Pitch that is used as ammunition. This can be fired from a Catapult Turret, lighting the area where it impacts fire. When a creature is struck directly, it suffers 250 damage and is set on fire.

Impact occurs over 30 seconds in an area five foundations wide. Four building tiers can be damaged by the flames: Thatch, Wood, Stone, Metal, and Tek. Auto and Heavy Auto Turrets cannot be damaged by it.

An inflamed target will stay affected for 6 seconds until they leave the area where the flames are or until the flames die. Directly impacted buildings, whether they are thatched, wooden, or stone, will suffer a great deal of damage while metal and Tek buildings will suffer little to no damage.


Genesis: Part 2 features the Minigun as a weapon. It’s a weapon you can deploy and shoot at targets quickly. Overusing the Minigun can cause it to overheat. Survivors must wind it up. You cannot craft one on Genesis Part: 2 and use it on Scorched Earth, for instance. Additionally, it cannot be used while on a different ark than it was created on.


Net Projectile

Net Projectiles are ammunition for the Harpoon Launcher in Genesis: Part 2. The Harpoon Launcher can be used to launch this missile and once it strikes a target, it traps the target to the point of no return.

An enemy caught in a Net Projectile is rendered immobile for up to a minute. Net the target after 30 seconds after the effect has worn off. Dinos that are netted cannot attack their owners, either tamed or wild nor can they be ridden by their owners.

It is possible to kill a tamed dino by using a Metal Hatchet, Sword, Pike, Metal Sickle, or Tek Sword and striking it three times.

Tek Bow

In Genesis: Part 2, there is a weapon called the Tek Bow. The new Explosive Arrow can be fired as well as other types of Arrows. The Element Shards it consumes depends on the arrow being fired, but the rate of consumption varies. When you charge the Arrow up, it flies faster and faster, reaching a maximum speed of bullet speed. The bow is powered only by Element Shards.

Tek Phase Pistol

Close-range weapons such as the Tek Phase Pistol can be used as well. Depending on its mode of operation, it fires a beam at its target. This firearm can be used in three different modes: killing, healing, or stunning, and the consistency of the fire increases these effects.

It appears that clicking rapidly deals more damage and saves the pistol’s fuel by dealing more DPS and percentages per second. Large targets are more likely to be damaged by the Kill Mode because it deals high damage over time with a multiplier of up to 20x.

In the Stun Mode, the creature is stunned upon reaching 100%, because the movement reduces the stun per second.

Unassembled Exo-Mek

Genesis: Part 2 also features the Unassembled Exo-Mek. Originally, it was designed to fight creatures and hostiles, but now it’s just an abandoned substitute. If the survivor has already received their Tekgram, they can deploy the Exo-Mek from their current position.

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