Ark Genesis: Part 2 Tek Stryder Location And Taming Guide

We will explain everything you must do to tame Tek Stryder and utilize it for your goals, as well as where to find it in Ark Genesis Part 2.

A Tek Stryder is a huge robotic being you’ll come across in Ark Genesis Part 2. If you are seeking to know more about it, then this guide is for you. We will explain everything you must do to tame Tek Stryder and utilize it for your goals, as well as where to find it when you first start Ark Genesis Part 2.

Ark Genesis part 2 Tek Stryder location

The general spawn map for Tek Stryder for Ark Genesis Part 2 is given below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Tek Stryder Location

How to tame a Tek Stryder

Instead of using conventional procedures, non-violent means are used to tame Tek Stryders. This approach involves a special hacking procedure. You need to have a particular quantity of Mutagel in the 0 Hotbar and also have completed a specific amount of tasks to hack into it to tame it.

The rank of the Stryder raises this number. An overview of the number of missions and Tek Stryder levels are given below:

  • 1 Mission at Level 2
  • 2 Missions at Level 7
  • 3 Missions at Level 13
  • 4 Missions at Level 17
  • 5 Missions at Level 22
  • 6 Missions at Level 26
  • 7 Missions at Level 32
  • 8 Missions at Level 37
  • 9 Missions at Level 42
  • 10 Missions at Level 47
  • 11 Missions at Level 52
  • 12 Missions at Level 56
  • 19 Missions at Level 59
  • 20 Missions at Level 62
  • 21 Missions at Level 67
  • 23 Missions at Level 72
  • 25 Missions at Level 77
  • 26 Missions at Level 82
  • 28 Missions at Level 87
  • 29 Missions at Level 92
  • 31 Missions at Level 97
  • 33 Missions at Level 102
  • 34 Missions at Level 107
  • 36 Missions at Level 112
  • 37 Missions at Level 117
  • 39 Missions at Level 122
  • 41 Missions at Level 127
  • 42 Missions at Level 132
  • 44 Missions at Level 137
  • 45 Missions at Level 142
  • 47 Missions at Level 147
  • 49 Missions at Level 153
  • 50 Missions at Level 156
  • 51 Missions at Level 157+


To begin the procedure, you would be asked to enter a certain area of the Stryder, for instance, its head or any of its feet. Till the area is successfully accessed, it will spark. A Tek Suit is useful in this circumstance because it’s often the head or the feet.

When the hack is activated, a sizable red sphere centered on you will emerge. You will need to stay near the Stryder throughout the hacking procedure to keep it within the sphere on any occasion.

You would be asked to play a small game during hacking, so pay attention. T ill it is tamed or killed, the taming progress will improve if every piece of code is correctly matched. The taming status will be reset to 0 and you might be temporarily stunned if you botch the minigame.

Irrespective of whether the hacking was accomplished or not, the Stryder must move a specified distance from the location of the previous hack before beginning a fresh one.

If the previous hack was accomplished, the subsequent component you will be required to hack will release electric sparks long before the Stryder could be hijacked once more, enabling you to get ready and hijack it as quickly as you get the chance to do so.

The lines of code with a green square will scroll vertically on your screen in this minigame.  Whenever the squares in the middle pass the straight horizontal line, press left. Further lines of code would be added to this to continue the process till all columns have been filled up by aligning the green squares.

You will be required to perform the taming procedure more frequently the higher the Tek Stryder’s rank is. Because of this, taming this animal requires a significant amount of Mutagel, although it is still simpler than taming a Noglin. In terms of the tribal tame limit, Tek Stryders count as 20 tames.

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