Ark Genesis: Part 2 Mutagel Locations

In this Ark Genesis Part 2 guide, we will delve into the details of Mutagel. This will include the perks of gathering this resource as well.

Mutagel is a precious and rare resource found in Ark Genesis Part 2. These resources can be gathered in the game from the orange/golden rocks. These rocks are scattered all around the map. In this Ark Genesis Part 2 guide, we will delve into the details of Mutagel. This will include the perks of gathering this resource and at what locations these are most like to be found.

Mutagel can be easily recognized because of their unique appearance. They look like small blue node that is usually on either side of the rock’s face. At some places on the map, they are very much in abundance but mostly it’s hard to locate them. Mutagel respawns every 8 hours or some servers in an hour. Now it depends if the server is dedicated or not.

Ark genesis: part 2 Mutagel locations

Mutagel is primarily a crafting resource. The major use of this resource is that it can be crafted into newly introduced Mutagens which are a crazy addition to the map. Apart from this, It can also be used to tame Tek Stryder. Taming will help to start a minigame in which creatures will be hacked and explore their taming processes.

Mutagels can be gathered in the game through various methods. In this guide, we will elaborate on all the methods and the pro and cons of each method too. After it, that up to up to a player what kind of adventure he wants. Following are the major locations from where Mutagels can be gathered :


The first place where players can find Mutagel in Ark Genesis Part 2 is Space Bridge.

Players must enter the center of the area and examine certain brown rocks to do this. These brown rocks contain Mutagels that players can obtain. You may create one Mutagen with 800x Mutagel. This approach is much simpler because it only requires a pick axe and there are many of these rocks nearby.

The quantity of Mutagel collected is mostly unaffected by the size and quality of the Pick Axe.

Base melee damage is the only factor that has any impact.

Wait till midnight if you enter the space bridge and don’t find any such rocks. A ship will enter a hyperdrive at midnight, which will alter all of the medials.

Check the color of the droplets; if they are white, the asteroids contain mutagel and ambergris (look for a yellow or brown tone on the rocks). The spacecraft will warp from roughly 0:00 until around 01:30.

It is advisable to accelerate such that the time can be changed from day to night by using an admin command.

Once you have all the mutagen you require, use the chemistry bench to set it up. Once it is turned on, you will see that 6x mutagens will be produced by 800x mutagel.

Rock Well Innards

Following are the coordinates from where players can enter this location:

Lat 50

Lon 25

There’s a river running below which runs across the map. Come to the edge and fly to the rock well innards. Always bring a tech suit and the drill which will help you collect more resources.

Try not to die as you go to Rockwell’s heart which is the terminal for the boss. Avoiding the summoners keep following the platform.

Once you have made it to the heart with your drill and gasoline you are going to drop straight down to a platform and you” ll see a pool of acid. That is where our final destination is but players have to wait for a couple of minutes as it will sink and reveal all the mutagens.

As soon as acid sinks down, you will see blue nodes. Collect it with a hand or drill. You will get two mutagels for each one of them. So players need to collect the maximum before the acid comes up and also need to protect themselves from the wild creatures.

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