Ark Genesis: Part 2 Rockwell Prime Location And Taming Guide

We have made a detailed guide on How to find and defeat the Rockwell Prime in an epic showdown, atop a spaceship in Ark Genesis Part 2.

Rockwell is a boss that we already fought in Ark Abberation. But in Ark Genesis Part 2, you will fight the Rockwell Prime. You will also fight Rockwell Nodes along with Rockwell Prime in the Terminus region of the ship.

Your main weapon in defeating the Rockwell Prime is going to be Exo Mek. Rockwell Prime is a smaller boss in size as compared to the original Rockwell. He has become somewhat of a human because the tentacles in the chest cavity are sealed as well.

We have made a detailed guide on How to find and defeat the Rockwell Prime in Ark Genesis Part 2, which is the final DLC of Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Genesis part 2 Rockwell Prime location

In Ark Genesis, you can only find the final version of the Rockwell boss named Rockwell Prime. You can find him inside the Terminus terminal of the ship. It can be found inside the Corrupted Garden region located in the left ring.

The coordinates for the Rockwell innards are (58,22). If you want to look at the exact spawning location of Rockwell Prime, you can look at the map image below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Rockwell Prime Location

Combat Strategy

Once you are inside the fighting arena, you will see a lot of the tentacles protruding from the ground. Your task is to first eliminate them. You can let another separate dino fight the tentacles that appear as you fight.

Your next task after eliminating all the tentacles is to fight the Rockwell Nodes. The best way to defeat him is by shooting lasers through the Exo Mek. If you are riding and shooting the Exo Mek, you might face the problem of draining its battery.

The battery of Exo Mek can automatically be recharged if you hop off it. Do not let your Exo Mek fully drain as it can never recharge itself again. Repeat the process of recharging the Exo Mek and attacking the Rockwell Nodes until all of them are finished.

While fighting Rockwell Nodes, you must remain careful of the projectiles fired from the Summoner. The Exo Mek will stop working as soon as you have defeated all the Rockwell Nodes.

After fighting the Rockwell Nodes, you will receive Acidic Projectiles as well as electricity shocks from above. These Shocks will not let your ride the dinos. The Rockwell Prime will spawn when your health reaches 0.

The Exo Mek will start working again after Rockwell Prime appears. You will then have 1.45 minutes to passive command the dino and shoot the Rockwell Prime. If you are successful in shooting the Rockwell Prime using Exo Mek hyper beam, you will win the fight.

Best dino to use against Rockwell Prime


Shadowmane is a lion-like creature that can make itself invisible at any time. They can also stun their opponent with an electric shock. Roar is another attack that can also displace the enemies like Rockwell. Shadowmanes have strong natural armor that can be used between fights.


Magmasaur is a creature that can control heat to deliver several attacks. They have a Searing Spit attack in which he spits out lava onto the Rockwell. Magmasaur can also shoot fire shrapnel that explodes upon hitting with an oil shotgun attack. The health of the Magmasaur is also high making it very good for Rockwell’s fight.


Ferox is a wolf-like creature that can become a deadly weapon when fed Elements. You can then utilize his enhanced powers to throw rocks at the Rockwell. Ferox also has decent running speed as well as high damage resistance against attacks.

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