Ark Genesis: Part 2 Noglin Location And Taming Guide

To make the taming process a little easier, we have made a complete guide on how to find and tame Noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2.

Noglin is a small creature that can control the mind of the other creatures found in Ark Genesis Part 2. It looks like a small alien with pointy ears and two antennas. You can easily locate him using the Tek Helmet.

Once tamed, you can use him as Saboteur, Distraction, and Assassin. You can also mind control the big dinos to use them on the enemies. To make the taming process a little easier, we have made a complete guide on how to find and tame Noglin in Ark Genesis.

Ark Genesis part 2 Noglin location

You can easily find Noglin in the left ring region of Ark Genesis: Part 2. It can be found more commonly in the Fallen Mount region. And less commonly in the Boros Sector and Afflicted Clearing region.

The best time to search for them is when it is dark, dusk and when there is an overhang shadow. If you want to learn about all the spawn locations of Noglin, you can look at the map image below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Noglin Location

How to tame a Noglin

Taming Noglin in Ark Genesis: Part 2 will require different tamed creatures to be offered to him. Noglin will mind control the creature and release them. This will increase the tame progress. You must then offer him, creatures, to mind control until the tame bar is full.

Not all creatures will give you 100% taming efficiency. The creatures with maximum taming efficiency are Brontosaurus and Voidwyrm. Brontosaurus is a slow creature in moving therefore it is best to bring Voidwyrms with you.

The benefit of using the Voidwyrms is that they will not lose their health while mind controlled. They are also transported easily because of their flying ability. They also do not attack the Noglin while mind controlled.

One Voidwyrm presented to the Noglin will give you approximately 20% taming. You must then bring 5 of them to fully tame the Noglin. If the Noglin that you are taming has 150 levels, all the creatures presented by you must be over 150 levels.

To identify the Noglin from afar, you can use the Helmet Vision of the Void Voidwyrm. Once you have found the Noglin, you can then drop the Voidwyrm in front of him. That will easily increase your tame bar to 20%.

You must then carefully present all the Voidwyrms to the Noglin. It will take a few minutes while the Noglin mind controls the creature. The Noglin will run while it is tamed therefore you must kill any creatures that it runs across.

Noglin is a creature that will not easily aggro on you. If the Noglin is getting hard to tame, you can use a tranquilizer on him. Once it is knocked down, you can build a cage around it. Then put the creature around the cage for the Noglin to mind control.

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