Ark Genesis: Part 2 Voidwyrm Location And Taming Guide

In Ark Genesis Part 2, a creature known as the Voidwyrm flies around and attacks anything in its line of sight. When it spots a participant, it turns hostile and employs its Electric Breath to knock you off its tame.

This guide will explain everything you must do to tame a Voidwyrm in Ark Genesis Part 2 and utilize it for your goals, as well as where to find it when you first start the game.

Ark Genesis part 2 Voidwyrm location

In Ark Genesis Part 2, Voidwyrms may be discovered in the Asteroid/Space zone, which is reachable via the numerous bridges originating from either the Normal Biome or the Corrupt Biome.

The general spawn map for Voidwyrm for Ark Genesis Part 2 is given below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Voidwyrm Location

How to tame a Voidwyrm

To speed up the taming procedure, Mutagen must be given to the Voidwyrm. Among the simplest wyverns to nurture is the Voidwyrm, which can be bred without using Wyvern Milk because it eats meat as it grows from an infant to a grownup.


Based on the rank of the dino, you should first injure the Voidwyrm to a specific number of HP before you may tame it. There are several ways to accomplish this which are mentioned below:

Using a harpoon and net projectile

Using a Net Projectile and a Harpoon Launcher is the simplest way to lower its health. After you’ve located the appropriate Voidwyrm, all you need to do is shoot a Net Projectile at it. You may do this while getting struck with its Breath Attack or at any other suitable time.

To keep it from being released from the net after being caught, just approach it and attack it with a weapon of your choosing, except melee weapons.

When using a Pump Action, 1 net may be more than enough to injure the Voidwyrm sufficiently for taming. But bringing extra nets is highly advised.

This technique makes it simple to shoot and check the Voidwyrm’s health while also capturing and slaying every other Voidwyrms close, to prevent them from meddling.

The same animal cannot be netted again for 30 seconds after the initial capture. The Voidwyrm should first break away from the net before you can begin taming it.

Using a Stegosaurus

It may be effective to bring a Stegosaurus in a cryopod and ride on its back when shooting the Voidwyrm, particularly if other creatures are surrounding you from all sides. To prevent murdering it, remember to scan it frequently.

Using a fabricated sniper Rifle / tek bow

An alternative approach involves kiting and firing a Tek Bow or Fabricated Sniper Rifle. These are equipped with metal arrows and instant bullets that you can shoot at it from a distance, although this is risky. Carry additional ammo than usual because wild Voidwyrms suffer less impact.

The Voidwyrm would briefly pause after reaching the damage threshold and little blue thruster flames will start to emerge from the tip of the wings connecting to the body.

To tame at this point, it needs to be ridden similarly to the Equus. Sit atop a Stego till the Voidwyrm burns out its stamina from utilizing the breath. Or wear protection if it uses the net projectile technique to prevent dying while attempting to ride it.

Ensure that Mutagen is in the final hot bar space. It would continue to be hostile and will strike you. For maximum effect, approach it from the sides, after which ride it if you have the opportunity.

You have to patiently wait for the animal to perform a barrel roll before moving on to the taming procedure. To keep it from kicking you off and lowering the taming efficiency and percentage, you should give it the Mutagen when it’s doing this.

Instead of focusing on the barrel roll, it is advised that you pay attention to the writing at the bottom of the screen, which lights up considerably. That is because Barrel Roll is extremely brief and may cause you to fall off your horse while trying to feed it,

While feeding it, make sure not to be overly trigger-happy since you could get off on your own accidentally. Since there is only a very little opportunity to feed Mutagen, you are going to require incredibly quick reflexes.

When tamed, the Voidwyrm may devour raw meat and various types of meat as part of a typical carnivorous diet.

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