Ark Genesis: Part 2 Crystal Locations

Crystals are essential resources in Ark Genesis Part 2 with lots of uses. They are utilized in the crafting of important items such as Spyglass, Industrial forges, Refrigerators, Water jars, Spray painters, etc. Crystals are strong and possess unique properties which enable them to be shaped into lenses and mixed with explosives.

The following guide highlights the locations where you can easily find and farm Crystals in Ark Genesis: Part 2.

Ark Genesis: part 2 Crystal locations

The following map highlights the locations of Crystals in Ark Genesis:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Crystal Locations

Location #1

  • 61.5 LAT
  • 29.6 LON

These coordinates mark the southern end of the Rockwell biome in Ark Genesis: Part 2. There are big plateau systems in this region that are filled with crystals. This is the best location for crystals on this map. The following coordinates mark the location of another plateau in this region with lots of crystals:

  • 65 LAT
  • 35 LON

Location #2

  • 42.5 LAT
  • 70.5 LON

This is the green zone of the map and a few crystals can be found at this location. The coordinates mark the location of the central lake up on the Northern side and scarce deposits of crystals can be found around the lake. There are some crystal rocks on the ledges as well. Although not as good as the first one, this location is still worth exploring.

Location #3

Crystals are located in the Space biome region of the map shown by the green circle. The space biome changes from 12:30 – 1:30 therefore the resources will change automatically. Resources found today might not be available tomorrow.

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