ARK Genesis Hidden Base Locations Guide

This guide contains some of the best hidden base locations in ARK Genesis part 1 DLC to start off and keep resources hidden from enemies

Ark’s multiplayer element is up and running again with the release of the new Genesis expansion, introducing a number of new animals, and a brand new map. If you are interested in ARK Genesis Hidden Base Locations, read on below.

If you are looking for the best place to build a base in this vast map, then look no further, we have a few recommendations that you need to check out.

ARK Genesis hidden base locations

Below are some of the best-hidden bases we have discovered in ARK Genesis Part 1, spread across the different corners of the map.

The black stars in the maps below will indicate the area where these bases are located.

South-West locations

66 LAT, 22 LON
One of the many secretive and well-guarded places you can build is towards the South-West, in the snowy mountains. Specifically, around 66 LAT and 22 LON.

This place offers natural defense due to the uneven surface of the mountain, making it an extreme pain for any raiders to get a strong proper position on you. Whenever you get raided, you can simply stand your ground from your base, whilst your raiders will be caught.

74 LAT, 31 LON
Back to the snowy mountains, here you can set up a base within the mountain, or towards the higher altitude, towards the skybox. The increased altitude will make your base near-to-impossible to penetrate.

ARK Genesis Hidden Base Locations

North-East locations

14 LAT, 71 LON
Within the cave, you will find ample room towards the corners of the cave. Make structures and climb up to build a nice and neat structure. Not only is this base hard to find, but the enclosure from all four directions makes the base extremely secure.

ARK Genesis Hidden Base Locations

The North

17 LAT, 60 LON
Through the water, you will find yourself in an underwater cave perfect for building your base. Not only is your base hard to find, but it is also hard to reach.

Raiders will have a tough time navigating in and out. Not to mention, the tons of mesh in the area to hide your base.

18 LAT, 60 LON
Here, you will find yourself in the midst of watery grounds. At the bottom, is a perfect secret spot for you to build your base in. Pick the spot something covering the view at the top for added safety.

East locations

38 LAT, 77 LON
Towards the Magma Biome, in the Western part of the map, you will find crevices within the mountains, that are perfect little hiding spots for solo bases. These crevices are specifically hard to locate and even harder to get to.

Get building! The competition is tough in multiplayer, and you are going to want to get a good head start; for that, a good location for your base is necessary.

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