ARK Genesis Best Starting Zones Guide

The Ark Genesis Part 1 expansion throws you into a harsh and hostile environment with challenging biomes all around you. You might not be able to make it for that long, but we have a few spots where you can initially spawn to get yourself up and running with ease in this ARK Genesis Best Starting Zones guide.

ARK Genesis Best Starting Zones

Ark Genesis recommends you by default, as an easy zone, the Bog Biome. But, this can really become a hard area due to the huge mobs wandering around.

What you want to do is, start off your game in the Bog Biome and then harvest all the basic resources. Once, you have acquired a hatchet and a pickaxe, it’s time to move out.

Get your blue floating companion, HLN-A, and open up the menu. Teleport to the Ocean and select any of the directions mentioned in the wheel. A circle of effect will form around you, which will transport all of your pets, and you to the desired location.

Once you teleport to the Southern Island, you will have a bunch of resources at your disposal with very weak mobs that can be taken care of rather easily. Take your time in gathering all the resources here, and then get ready to move.

Now, what we will be doing is, we will be teleporting to all the remaining 7 islands and harvesting all their resources to get geared the heck out.


Simply do this, and get yourself adequate gear to be able to better compete in the more challenging areas of the expansion.

The Genesis Biomes are Hard
There’s no doubt regarding the fact that the new expansion has a rather tough map waiting for the players. The Bog Biome is supposed to be an easy starting area, but it is nowhere as easy to settle down right off the bat here.

Your best bet is to follow the tip we stated above and play through the game at a much slower pace. Take your time before you head off to fighting a boss, trust us, no enemy in this expansion can be underestimated.

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