Ark Fjordur Village Locations

This guide will go over some village ruins in Ark Fjordur, giving you their locations so you can set up a base in the area.

Civilization must have existed on Fjordur before players came here which is why the map has some villages already present, although they are devoid of life. So far we have discovered three villages in Ark Fjordur and this guide will give you their locations.

Benefits of Villages in Ark Fjordur

There are quite a few benefits of villages in Ark Fjordur. The first and the most crucial benefit is Defense. There exists many deadly and troublesome creatures in this game that can be a bit of a headache. So if you have a village and you build it in a way that defends your insides, then you won’t have to worry about creatures that are roaming outside your village.

The second benefit is you have structures already built and you can do some modifications as well. This is done to save one’s resources. You can put fences all around. You grow crops. You build huts etc. So you can make all the amendments to the village in order to save and grow your resources.

The third benefit is a systematic way of organizing things. Like you would be tension-free in terms of your safety. You can play according to your style. You can build your village according to your taste.

Ark Fjordur Village Locations

As mentioned before, we have discovered three villages; Vardiland Village, Whiterun and one in Red Forest.


This little village is located at 69 latitude and 05 longitude. Beware that this village has some dangerous creatures like alpha wolves, raptors, etc. So it’s better to clear them beforehand.

There are many little huts. One bigger hut too which is very spacious. There is a garden as well. You can get carrots and some other things from that garden. You can make your own fences if you want your crops to grow in a certain plot or somewhere. You can also make changes to the huts if you like.


As the name suggests, this village seems to be paying homage to Whiterun from Skyrim as it has similar architecture. This village is located in Asgard having coordinates 20 latitude and 25 longitude.

Use a portal to teleport to Asgard. Look for purple trees forest. This village is easy to spot because you can spot purple trees from miles of distance. Whiterun is situated just by the side of the purple tree forest.

There is a long main Viking house at the entrance, which is very epic. The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. But of course, some danger exists here as well. So make sure to clear the area before settling down.

Red Forest

The last village, Red Forest, is located at 63 latitude and 35 longitude. This village is called red forest because of the fact that it is of red color as a whole. It gives fantastic vibes.

There is an extensive open space between the houses which is plenty for farming and stuff. The plus point of this village is that it has a circular pool of water surrounding the area. So it provides a basic defense to the area.

So this is all about villages. I hope you found this guide helpful. Kudos!

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