Ark Fjordur Castle Locations

In this guide, we will cover some of the best Castle Locations in Ark Fjordur so you have a prebuilt base to hide in.

Building is an essential part of any survival game but sometimes the game also comes with prebuilt locations like Villages to give you a headstart, and to get the ball rolling. Ark Fjordur, which is an expansion to the original Ark Survival: Evolved, also has tons of prebuilt locations. In this guide, we will cover some of the best Castle Locations in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Castle Locations

Castles are prebuilt locations in the Ark World that were once home to some kings or some other royal family, who knows but today they are abandoned and filled with wild creatures.

Castles can provide a good place to do tons of activities and also be safe from lots of dangers that lie in the outside world. Although all castles are prebuilt due to being abandoned, they need some fixing and modifications to bring them back to their original shape.

Following are locations of some of the best castles and prebuilt houses in Ark Fjordur.

Snow Castle

Located in the snowy peaks is the snow castle with coordinates 21.4 Latitude and 18.5 Longitude. This castle has tons of room for activities and due to its structure and layout, it can provide you with a safe place, away from dangerous creatures.

With only one entrance, it will be easy for you to make a reasonable number of modifications to completely protect yourself from outside dangers while you can safely live inside.

This castle also has access to a tiny little cave with a water source inside which is always a useful resource.

Swamp Castle

The Swamp Castle is located at 41.0 Longitude and 04.5 Latitude. This abandoned castle is located on top of a cliff with one way in and one way out, making it an easy-to-protect spot.

The best part about this castle is that below the Swamp Castle, lies a cave with lots of useful resources such as mushrooms, crystals, pearls, etc. There is enough space between the high walls of the castle where you can do anything you want.

Redwood Castle

Located in the Redwood is the Redwood Castle at the coordinates 23.4 Latitude and 82.1 Longitude. Surrounded by thick forest and dangerous creatures this castle has got tons of space for activities.

You can easily do minor modifications and make this place ready for whatever activity you want. You can do farming, you can build, etc and you still won’t run out of space.

Mountain Castle

Located on top of a lush green mountain at 54.8 Latitude and 73.5 Longitude, Mountain Castle is one of the best castles in the Fjordur. From beautiful views to large open spaces, this castle has got it all.

You can easily do farming and other activities in this castle. With little to no modifications, you can turn this abandoned castle into a useful base of operations.

The Blessed House

The Blessed House is a prebuilt house that can be found at 35.5 Latitude and 49.7 Longitude. This house is located in a serene location next to a waterfall and a lake.

The house itself is of a decent size with ample room for activities. You can make modifications to your liking and make it your base of operation. The best part about this house is its location which is peaceful and filled with tons of resources.

Hilltop Viking Town House

As the name suggests, the Hilltop Viking House is located on top of a hill at 42.8 Latitude and 72.9 Longitude. The house is located in a fenced area with one big and one small building.

The bigger building has two rooms and is pretty sturdy, being able to withstand any condition. This house is called the Viking Town House because a long time ago, Vikings lived in this house, and as they say, if it has Viking in the name, it must be pretty strong.

This house although doesn’t need a lot of modifications but has some room for improvement to make it a perfect place to reside and it has got enough space for all the activities.

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