Ark Fjordur Otter Locations

Otters are small creatures that can be used for collecting sea creatures ranging from fish, and silica to even black pearls in Ark: Survival Evolved.

They spend most of their time underwater and are one of the many useful creatures to have in the game. However, due to their low health pool, they can drown easily. Therefore, it’s best to tame an Otter before using it to collect underwater creatures.

With the new Fjordur map out, you will likely want to farm a few Otters to help you on your journey. The following guide will give you the coordinates you need to find them in the new Fjordur regions.

Best Location To Farm Otters In Ark Fjordur

The best possible location to farm Otters is inside the Redwood Forest, just on the southern edge, at coordinates LAT 29.4 and LON 84.3 on the map.

This is the best place to find a lake filled with Otters. This lake is by far the easiest location to visit and on top of it, you will not face any trouble in finding an Otter easily underwater.

Once you’re at the location, simply dive down and reach the bottom of the lake to find a bunch of Otters resting. Considering how Otters are vulnerable to Piranhas, this place is the best spot to find Otter since there aren’t any hostile fish in this lake. So, waste no time in visiting this location if you’re eager to find Otters in Fjordur.

Below are some of the other locations to find Otters in Fjordur.

Location #1: Coordinates LAT 72.9 and LON 35.3

Location #2: Coordinates LAT 77.4 and LON 18.4

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