Ark Fjordur Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls Locations

In this guide, we'll talk through Ark Fjordur Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls locations to help you find these rare materials.

In Ark Fjordur, you’ll need Resources to craft various weapons and equipment. There are 24 distinct resources found across Ark Fjordur’s wilderness. Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls are among the 24 resources that may be used to make a variety of items. In this guide, we’ll talk through Ark Fjordur Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls locations.

Ark Fjordur Oil Spawn Locations

Oil, as an ocean resource, will be found primarily in rocks on the ocean floor. There will be numerous Oil Nodes scattered across the oceans. Aside from that, the Icebergs are excellent spawn locations for farming Oil resources in Fjordur.

Here are the Oil resource spawn locations that we discovered in Ark Fjordur.

Oil Location #1

The first oil resource in Ark Fjordur can be found at the coordinates 46.7 Latitude and 44.1 Longitude. Simply go to the specified spawn location and collect the Oil Resource from the black rocks. Also, take a look around the area; you’ll surely hit upon a few other Oil nodes as well.

Oil Location #2

The next Oil node can be found beneath the ice in Icebergs. To be more specific, you must travel to the following coordinates to locate the Oil Resource: 54.5 Latitude and 42.1 Longitude. When you arrive at the specified farm location, dive into the water to locate the oil nodes.

Oil Location #3

If you’re farming for Oil Resources, 51.4 Latitude and 45.7 Longitude should be your next stop. Head underwater to find Oil Nodes, and if you look around, you’ll find Silica and Black Pearls as well. Sweet, right?

Silica Pearls Spawn Locations

Silica pearls, like oil, are another ocean resource, but the good news is that they are more abundant than oil resources. The following are the Silica Pearls spawn locations in Ark Fjordur.

Silica Pearls Location #1

Silica Pearls can be found at 11.8 Latitude and 14.1 Longitude under the water. The good thing about this spawn location is that the water is shallow, and there are plenty of Silica Pearls to be found.

Silica Pearls Location #2

A plethora of Silica Pearls can be found at the following coordinates: 74.8 Latitude and 32.1 Longitude. So, pay a visit here and make sure to farm all of the available Silica Pearls.

Silica Pearls Location #3

The next spawn location for Silica Pearls is 56.0 Latitude and 44.7 Longitude. Head towards the trench, there’s a black wall there; explore it and you’ll find tons of Silica Pearls.

Silica Pearls Location #4

If you’re farming Silica Pearls in Ark Fjordur, you should head to 56.7 Latitude and 45.1 Longitude. It will be a cave beneath the ocean. Follow the cave all the way through for a good amount of Silica Pearls. The direct path to the location will be blocked by a large boulder, so go around it to get to the cave.

Silica Pearls Location #5

22.0 Latitude and 64.9 Longitude is the next farm location for Silica Pearls. It’s a good idea to set the time to night for better visibility.

Silica Pearls Location #6

Next up head to the Redwoods Lake, 18.8 Latitude and 90.4 Longitude to be precise. You’ll find Silica Pearls scattered underwater.

Silica Pearls Location #7

Silica Pearls can also be found at 99.6 Latitude and 79.6 Longitude. At the farm location, head down into the water and proceed directly west from the clams there to find Silica Pearls.

Black Pearls Spawn Locations

Black Pearls are a scarce resource in Ark Fjordur and are an ingredient for many Tek Tier items. Here are the Black Pearls spawn locations that we have discovered so far.

Black Pearls Location #1

The Magmasaur Cave is the first farm location in Ark Fjordur where you can find Black Pearls. It is precisely located at 95.7 Latitude and 80.2 Longitude. Not only will you find Black Pearls in this cave, but you will also find Magma Saw Eggs and Element Shards.

Black Pearls Location #2

The next spawn location where you’ll find the Black Pearls has the following coordinates: 60.2 Latitude and 52.8 Longitude. Head to the specified location to find yourself some decent amount of Black Pearls.

Black Pearls Location #3

The next spawn location for Black Pearls is not quite far from the previous one. You can farm the Black Pearls at 60.1 Latitude and 52.4 Longitude. Head to the location and simply descend until you reach the ocean floor. When you get to the bottom, you’ll discover Black Pearls. There will be a lot of them down there, so take your time and collect them all.

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